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Explore the EducationCity® user experience! EducationCity engages students through whole-class, small group, and individual instruction and practice. With an intuitive look and feel, simple navigation, and helpful features, EducationCity will allow you to introduce and reinforce concepts with your students, build their confidence in the classroom, and help them master state and Common Core standards.
All of EducationCity’s engaging online tools are readily available through the convenient navigation areas located on both the left side and the top of the main page.
See Student and Teacher sections to learn more about the specific features available for each user.
EducationCity will help you introduce and reinforce concepts to your students, encourage them to increase their confidence in their knowledge, and ultimately achieve success in language arts, math, science, and ESL.
All of EducationCity’s content is easily accessible through the program’s search feature, allowing you to quickly find new resources to engage your students in what they are learning each day.
User Logins
Unique logins allow users to tailor the program to their individual goals. Students can access Homework and Classwork chosen specifically for them by their teachers. Educators can instruct and monitor their students in ways that specifically meets their needs.
User Guide and Feedback
Need help? Our EducationCity User Guide and Feedback Submission Form are readily available on the homepage.
Interactive learning activities engage students in each topic, and their progress is recorded for later review. On the Activities page, activity sheets, lesson ideas, and teacher notes are all readily available to EducationCity users.
Topic Tools
Extend and explore learning through Topic Tools, which can be used even in whiteboard mode, for an open-ended, whole-class approach.
Topic Tools are only viewable through Teacher and Admin access accounts.
Learn Screens
Learn Screens are ideal for topic reinforcement, for both individual students, and whole-class interaction.
Critical thinking is encouraged through teacher-led ThinkIts, open-ended activities that elicit higher-order thinking skills and initiate unique opportunities for creativity.
Topic Tools are only viewable through Teacher and Admin access accounts.
Encourage students to practice their math and literacy skills by competing with other players from their class, their school, or among all of EducationCity’s users through PlayLive. This feature can be used individually or in whiteboard mode for whole-class participation.
What's New
EducationCity is constantly updated with new Activities, Topic Tools, ThinkIts, and Learn Screens to make sure you have the right tools to help students master each concept.
User Guides
User Guides for all aspects of EducationCity are available in the Teacher Area of the program.
Manage Users
Easily add and manage the user information for individual students and also print login cards for their reference.
Manage MyCity
Quickly provide individual, group, or whole-class learners with a planned range of activities to suit their individual needs.
Every question and answer is recorded and placed in SuccessTracker for each individual student, allowing educators to track whole-class and individual progress to differentiate their instruction accordingly.
Standards Map
Quickly find several resources matched to state and Common Core standards through our Standards Map.
The ability to change your unique preferences in EducationCity gives you the flexibility to adjust the program to suit your style of delivery and your students' needs.
Assign specific Classwork activities to individual students, entire classes, or whole grade levels to help students master specific learning objectives.
Create stimulating Homework by selecting Activities or Tests for students to complete at home.
My Revisions
Assign additional practice to students in MyRevisions to help them with topic areas they find challenging and ensure that they learn each important skill.
Use SuccessTracker filters to help you refine student progress data based on your specific needs.
Print, Download Reports, and Add Columns
Each report can easily be printed, downloaded, or modified with new columns of information directly from SuccessTracker.
All reports generated in SuccessTracker can be exported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format for easy sharing.
Drill Down
Take a deeper look into an individual student’s progress to instantly determine how to personalize the program for each student.


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