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EducationCity connects teaching and learning by pairing time-saving teacher tools with standards-aligned student activities for a seamless learning experience. Trusted and used by over 40,000 teachers, vivid animation and a dynamic online interface transform learning for pre-K through 6th grade students across six different subjects--language arts, math, science, computing, matemáticas, and English as a second language.

What It Is

  • Language arts, math, science, matemáticas, English as a second language, and computing subjects in a single, online platform
  • Content correlated to state, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Exciting student activities to target learning and reinforce skills
  • Animated video tutorials and critical thinking activities to deepen understanding
  • Whiteboard activities and lesson plans to enrich instruction
  • Easy-to-use, real-time reports track student progress

Why It Works

  • Blend learning that is tailored to your classroom environment, teaching style, and students' needs
  • Create individualized learning paths for individuals, small groups, or the whole class
  • Simplify lesson planning with robust instructional resources and flexible tools
  • Encourage higher-order thinking and problem solving skills with technology-enhanced item types
  • Transform learning into relatable stories with rich animation that engages students as they dig into rigorous concepts

Learning comes alive for your elementary students, as familiar characters guide them through discovery, exploration, and mastery of foundational skills. A rich variety of resources allow you to target content that blends your teaching style with your students' needs, enabling you to personalize instruction for whole classes, small groups, and individuals.

Topic Tools

Interactive whiteboard activities incorporate virtual manipulatives and provide an ideal tool for topic introduction and reinforcement.


Engaging activities provide targeted practice to reinforce concepts for group or individual learning. Activities also include lesson ideas, teacher notes, and printable activity sheets.

Learn Screens

Animated video tutorials or mini lessons provide an in-depth look at specific topics.


Open-ended questions, designed to encourage higher-order thinking skills, challenge students to think critically throughout the learning process.


Interactive math and spelling games allow players to challenge other students in a safe, competitive environment.

From topic introduction through skill reinforcement, EducationCity is a flexible partner that takes the pain out of planning and brings excitement into your classroom.


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