Plato Courseware

Plato Courseware is a standards-based online learning program grounded in a tradition of solid research, sound pedagogy, and applied innovation. We develop rigorous, relevant curriculum that challenges your students with a 21st century approach - engaging them with interactive, media-rich content.

Whether your students are falling behind, at grade level, or advanced, accommodate their unique needs in an environment in which they will thrive. Plato Courseware can be used in a lab setting, a blended model in which online courses supplement the traditional classroom, or through a completely virtual experience.

Plato Courseware provides courses in a wide range of core subjects, electives, world languages, honors, and Advanced Placement® offerings. Courses consist of integrated assessments; including exemptive pretests that allow learners to forgo content they have already mastered and focus on the concepts that need additional work. Course-level assessments also include tests for each course module to ensure concept mastery.

Effective Online Courses to Achieve Real Results

  • Rigorous courses, proven to improve student achievement
  • Interactive, media-rich content actively engages students
  • Robust flexibility allows you to customize courseware to meet your unique needs
  • Aligned to Common Core and state standards
  • Award-winning courseware proven by third-party research and studies
  • High-quality content for original credit, supplemental learning, credit recovery, unit recovery and extended learning

Secondary Online Course Offerings

Plato Courseware provides a broad range secondary courses to accommodate all your needs.  Browse our course catalog.

  • Core Courses: Give your students a strong foundation with over 100 semesters of courses in the core subject areas - English language arts, math, science, and social studies
  • Electives: Keep your students motivated and engaged in the learning process with over 30 semesters of diverse and interactive electives
  • Career Technical Education: Equip your students with the skills they need to compete in today’s workforce with over 100 semesters of CTE courses
  • World Languages: Prepare your students for success in the 21st century world with 14 semesters of highly interactive, graphically rich, and visually stimulating language curriculum to choose from: Spanish I, II, III; French I, II; German I, II
  • Advanced Placement® (AP): Ensure your students are prepared on test day with 10 semesters of courses that address 100% of the standards defined by the college board
  • Beyond High School: Suite of 27 semester courses designed specifically to prepare your students for the leading college entrance and placement tests as well as career certification and work skills exams

In addition to the Edmentum Educator Essentials, Plato Courseware provides additional services and support to ensure your implementation is successful from the start. During the initial stages of your program, our educational experts partner with you in defining your plans and goals prior to implementation. And our team continues to be available to support the growth and development of your programs over time.

Our services model provides a defined framework dedicated to planning, training and follow up coaching to ensure a successful program implementation. Utilizing proven professional development strategies, educators learn to apply Plato Courseware and technology to effectively assess and evaluate student performance.


  • Collaboration Space

    The new Collaboration Space transforms the way teachers and students interact in a virtual environment. Educators using Plato Courseware and/or Edmentum Assessments can now facilitate real time group and individual discussion and collaboration activities streamlined within the program.

  • Flex Assignments

    Tailoring content for students has never been easier. Instructors can now effortlessly find and assign content that supports an individual learner or a classroom’s unique learning goals. This great addition to our Plato Courseware and Edmentum Assessment solutions increases flexibility to meet your program needs.

  • Teacher Graded Activities

    Edmentum’s Teacher Graded Activities, a tool to facilitate effective communication, allows students to submit work for review and feedback prior to finalization. This gives educators the opportunity to read questions or comments from learners while reviewing their work-in-progress and provide them with feedback. Teachers can communicate directly with students within their actual graded activity and a record of all comments made back and forth is available.

  • Over 100 Career and Technical Education Courses

    Ensure that your students are college and career ready with Plato Courseware's Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. Edmentum provides an extensive CTE library with over 100 courses in all 16 nationally recognized Career Clusters®. Customizable content provides educators with the ability to personalize learning for each learner's interests. In addition, Edmentum will continue its CTE catalog expansion this fall with the addition of three new courses: Intro to Mobile App Development, Intro to Cybersecurity, and Advanced Computer Science.


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