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Study Island’s data-driven standards mastery programs are designed to help K–12 students master the content specified in state and Common Core standards and improve performance in core skill areas. Study Island’s high-impact, high-value learning programs provide quality academic support, practice, and real-time assessment data. The immediate feedback and built-in remediation, coupled with the actionable data, enable educators to easily monitor student progress and differentiate instruction.

Study Island is ideal for self-paced, individualized learning or teacher-led, whole-class instruction. Teachers can easily guide students through the program, communicate expectations, and create class assignments. Students can work through questions using a standard test format, an interactive game format, printable worksheets, or a classroom response system.

Edmentum™ Sensei™ for Study Island

Edmentum™ Sensei™ is an unprecedented way for educators to seamlessly access and interact with data, and it will be included with all Study Island subscriptions this coming winter. Through Edmentum Sensei, data-rich analytics come to life via intuitive charts, graphs, and visual cues, providing the information you need in a real-time picture of what’s going on in your world.

  • Easily explore onscreen, actionable data
  • Make faster, more informed decisions through robust analytics and app-like ease of use
  • Visualize and track student progress so that you can focus your attention where it is needed most
  • Examine student progress toward meeting state standards
  • Provide students with remediation or acceleration assignments directly from the dashboard
  • View results for a whole class or individual student

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Edmentum Sensei for Study Island is included with all Study Island subscriptions at no additional cost.

What It Is

  • Standards mastery and test preparation program built to each state’s unique  standards, as well as Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Interactive lessons and activities that reinforce and reward learning achievement
  • Real-time progress monitoring that identifies student strengths and weaknesses
  • Mobile-optimized content that gives students the flexibly to use Apple or Android devices to access program content

Why It Works

  • All content is built specifically from state and Common Core standards
  • Automatic feedback and remediation raise individual student achievement and help teachers differentiate their instruction
  • Teachers and administrators can easily build custom diagnostic, formative, or summative assessments
  • Teacher support tools include lesson plans, instructional videos, and Web and print resources
  • Built-in lessons, animations, and activities keep students engaged in their learning

Programming Built for Your State Standards

Study Island is leading the way in building content for state standards. Its in-house content development team, led by former educators and subject matter experts, build meaningful and rigorous content from each state’s individual standards. In addition to the programming content for each state, Study Island Benchmark Tests are available to provide a detailed, reliable, and structured examination of student progress toward preparing for state assessments.

  • Standards map feature provides teacher tools and lessons for each standard, specific objective, or strand
  • Reporting shows progress toward standards mastery
  • Technology-enhanced item types help students practice higher-order thinking and inquiry and prepare for computer-based exams.

Implementing Your Study Island Solution

Because of Edmentum’s in-depth knowledge of the challenges you face in the classroom, we are able to provide you with educational solutions tailored to fit your individual goals, resources, and teaching methods. To ensure your success, you will be connected with an Implementation Coach who will collaborate with you to develop a detailed plan for Study Island in your individual classrooms, schools, or districts. And, if you ever have any additional questions or need any further support, Edmentum is always available to help.

Edmentum Sensei for Study Island

Edmentum™ Sensei™ is an unprecedented way to seamlessly access and interact with data, and it is now included in all Study Island subscriptions.Visit our website to learn more.

PARCC, SBAC, and State-Specific Study Island Benchmarks

New benchmark assessments for Pennsylvania, PARCC, and SBAC, as well as certain states whose tests are changing for the 2014–2015 school year, are now available to help assess student readiness for state. Learn more about Study Island Benchmarks today.

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