7–12 Assessments

Target student needs and guide instruction

Edmentum helps support your approach to assessment through targeted, standards-based fixed-form and adaptive assessments. We offer educators high-quality data that help them identify what students know and where learning breaks down throughout the school year, and we are committed to making accessing, analyzing, and taking action on your data easy.

Fixed-form, comparable assessments

Edmentum's fixed-form assessments are grade-level comparable assessments designed to support learners in working toward mastering grade-level skills, and they seamlessly track progress from one assessment to the next. With Test Packs, you can:

  • Assess students grades 3 through adult against state, national, and Common Core standards and end-of-course (EOC) exams
  • Easily administer four easy-to-use assessments per subject for each grade level to track progress over time and benchmark progress
  • Track and evaluate students’ progress from one administration to the next
  • Promote higher-order thinking and inquiry with technology-enhanced items that provide broader coverage of depth of knowledge (DOK) levels

Rigorous, adaptive assessments

Our adaptive assessments in reading, writing, and math are designed to fill critical gaps in prior knowledge and target off-grade-level content areas needing more emphasis. They can:

  • Accurately assess students, grades 5 through adult
  • Identify target areas needing special emphasis for an individual
  • Evaluate knowledge and skills before beginning instruction to track and evaluate students’ progress
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Real-time progress monitoring

Edmentum allows you to easily track your program through real-time data. You can use the insights gained from our assessments to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills before beginning an instructional unit or a semester to determine areas that need special emphasis and focus. You can:

  • Reveal specific strengths and learning needs of an individual in relation to core skills for reading, writing, and math
  • Access valuable information about the academic progress of individual students, classrooms, schools, and districts
  • Pinpoint students’ knowledge gaps and identify which students need additional instruction
  • Track student progress in real-time to make faster, more informed decisions through powerful reporting

Best-in-class student experience

Our assessments are designed with 21st century learning standards, creating an online environment that allows students to thrive anywhere there’s Internet connectivity so that you can focus your time on solving instructional challenges. With Edmentum:

  • Simple, intuitive navigation helps students manage and complete their assignments anytime, anywhere
  • Students are always in the know with instant updates that help them manage their alerts, messages, and progress
  • In-lesson student tools provide students with easy access to the resources they need to complete their prescriptions

Automatic prescriptions and instructional content

Our assessments integrate with our high-quality, rigorous curriculum, providing individualized learning paths for more targeted instruction. Our high-quality curriculum will help remediate objectives in which students are struggling. Instructional modules are automatically prescribed when students fail to demonstrate proficiency.With Edmentum:

  • Students receive a personalized experience that is paced to their individual needs
  • Content includes interactive tutorials, activities, and lessons designed to engage students as they master the materials
  • Students work through their prescriptions and are tested again later using a comparable fixed-form test with the same testing categories

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