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Keep your implementation on track. As part of your Edmentum partnership, we provide ongoing training through our comprehensive collection of virtual workshops delivered live online.

Study Island has a variety of assignment types, each designed to fit a specific need. In this workshop we will discuss Group sessions, Practice and Instruction, and Built Tests assisgnments. Come learn about the different assignment types and how you can implement them to support classroom instruction!

This Live workshop is designed to introduce Reading Eggs/Eggspress teachers to the Reading Eggs Program. We will discuss how to create users, explore the student learning path , view resources and tools, and briefly look at reports. Come learn how you can develop Egg-cited, Egg-celent readers with Reading Eggs/Eggspress.

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Are you a new Courseware Instructor needing to get familiar with using the program? Are you a returning Courseware Instructor needing to get reacquainted with the platform? Whether new or returning, this LIVE workshop will prepare you for your responsibilities as an instructor in Courseware. We will equip you with the knowledge of the Courseware platform and ensure you are able to set yourself and your learners up for success!

Welcome New Study Island Teachers! We're excited to introduce you to Study Island. This Live workshop will familiarize you with What Study Island is and how to use it in your classroom. We'll explore your responsibilities such as creating classes, creating assignments, utilizing instructional resources, and how to get students started.
This LIVE workshop is designed for tech administrators who are relatively new to Study Island. It will equip administrators with an understanding of their role and responsibilities in the program as well as demo administrative tasks to begin the school year including uploading teachers and students.
Benchmarking season is here! Join us as we explore Study Island Benchmarks! We'll cover a brief overview of Study Island benchmarks, look at how easy they are to schedule, examine the reports, and discover the student side!

Join this Live workshop to see first-hand how Study Island can help you tailor your instruction to meet the individual needs of your learners.  Plan for a session with actual class examples and a parting document with tips and tricks for implementation. 

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