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Track Standards Mastery with
Edmentum™ Sensei™ for Study Island
Edmentum Sensei is an unprecedented way for you to seamlessly access and interact with data, and it will be included with all Study Island subscriptions this coming winter. Through Edmentum Sensei, data-rich analytics come to life via intuitive charts, graphs, and visual cues.
Student Summary Card
Organize progress data for each individual student.
Access Study Island
Seamlessly move from Edmentum Sensei to other parts of Study Island.
Intuitive Navigation
Easily navigate between all of your class data.
Program Mastery Overview
View program mastery, standards mastery, and trends.
Topic Tiles
Progress is shown by class performance on topics or standards addressed in each subject.
Blue Ribbon Gauge
Study Island Blue Ribbons are shown for each student on his or her Student Card.
Mastery by Subject
The graph provides a snapshot of where additional support is needed for each student.
Intervene Immediately
Color coding shows which students need additional help.
Administer Assignments
Assignments can be administered from the Student Card or the Class Overview.
Quickly Take Action
Review progress and select the specific standard or topic you want to address with additional practice.
Create Assignment
Additional practice can be assigned to groups or individuals.
Adjust Assignment
Easily add or remove students from the list of those who will receive the assignment.
Student Progress Card
View student progress by program.
Program Mastery Summary
Easily see details of program mastery for your whole class.
Blue Ribbon Summary
Blue Ribbon totals are summarized for each topic in the program.
Topic Tiles
Tiles are clearly labeled within each topic.
Easy Navigation
Navigate between programs whenever necessary.
Track with Ease
See where students are spending their time and if it’s paying off.
Easy Reference
Standards are clearly referenced directly on the Student Card.
Topic Performance Card
Individual progress is grouped and color-coded to show where a student is excelling or having trouble.
Stars indicate complete standards mastery by all students.
Near Mastery
Light green indicates that a majority of students have mastered the standard.
In Progress
Blue indicates that students have begun to address the standard.
Assisstance Required
Red indicates that students need additional help with the standard.
Standard Tiles
Each square represents a specific standard in the program.
Program Performance Trend Summary
Average scores are shown for each class.
View Specific Time
Graphs can be adjusted to show trends for a specific period of time.
Average Comparison
Total questions answered are shown in relation to the average scores.
The Gradebook Report can be launched directly from the dashboard.


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