Forensics: The Science of Crime

We watch with interest as crime scenes are dramatized on television and in film, and sit on the edge of our seat as various members of the justice system solve the most baffling cases. But what about the science behind the crime? Forensics: The Science of Crime explores the role science and technology plays in this fascinating and growing career. In this course, you’ll learn the specialized skills and techniques used during a crime scene investigation and how evidence and data is expertly collected, preserved, and analyzed. With a strong focus on the innovative science used in the field as well as participation in interactive activities, you will follow the entire forensic process – from examining evidence to taking the findings to trial – and learn how the professionals are utilizing science to bring criminals to justice.

Note: This course has 12 units and is recommended to be taught over 2 semesters, but can be accelerated to be completed within a single semester if desired.