North Carolina Principles of Human Services, Semester A/B

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North Carolina Principles of Human Services, Semester A/B

This two-semester course prepares students for a career in the human services industry. Semester A helps students gain confidence as it takes them through the important skills they need in order to get a job and to advance in their career. It also gives students an understanding of common mental health issues. It discusses available mental health services and explores ways to prevent and deal with domestic violence. Semester B delves into the various stages of child development and the care that a child needs at each stage. It discusses health and nutrition, the role of individual family members, and legal and community resources available for individuals and families. This semester also explores careers in personal care services, agricultural science, and the education pathway. The course appeals to students with different learning styles as it includes activities, discussions, and games.

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Middle, Secondary
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Career & Technical Education


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