Edmentum™ Exact Path Exceeds Teachers’ Expectations, Boosts Student Skill Levels

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Edmentum™ Exact Path Exceeds Teachers’ Expectations, Boosts Student Skill Levels

Edmentum’s Individualized Learning Solution is now available to school districts in all 50 states

March 16, 2017 - Minneapolis

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Edmentum, a leading provider of e-learning solutions, has completed the initial phase of the beta program for its new product, Exact Path, exceeding user expectations across the United States. The new K-8 individualized learning program provides an adaptive, research-based assessment and dynamically assigned quality content and progress monitoring tools to target individual instruction. Exact Path was developed with the goal of delivering each student the right lesson at the right level, at the right time.

With 6,300 students participating, 24,000 assessments taken, and over 100,000 instructional content launches in beta testing, the new solution has proven to increase students’ reading, language arts, and math skill proficiency while saving teachers time. The beta program has been implemented by educators in nine states and 13 school districts, all specifically chosen to represent schools with different needs and at various stages of adopting technology.

“We created Exact Path with a bold vision of combining Edmentum’s competencies in assessment, instruction and technology to deliver a single solution that both customizes the learning experience for students, and gives teachers the time and actionable data they need to further personalize instruction for all of their students,” said Rob Rueckl, Chief Executive Officer, Edmentum. “In fulfilling this vision, we listened to teachers who told us that their biggest barrier to personalizing learning in their classroom was the time required to curate quality content to meet each student’s skill level. Based on the feedback from our beta program, we know that Exact Path, with its adaptive assessment and individualized learning paths solves this need and so many more.”

The Exact Path name itself evolved out of feedback from educators during beta testing, which honed in on the product’s key purpose and distinct features, including efficient assessments, precise skill placement and customized learning paths that are adapted to each student. Since the start of beta testing in August 2016, teachers have seen tremendous gains in students’ skill levels through the product’s ability to help teachers individualize learning and continuously modify instruction based on actionable data.

“This program differs from others in that everything is personalized. Every day, my students get 30 minutes of instruction time that is personalized to what they need,” said Kacy Meulemans, a fourth grade teacher at Wrightstown Elementary School in Wisconsin. “In the past, we would have been lucky to provide 30 minutes a week of personalized instruction.”

Edmentum adapted the product significantly during beta testing based on direct customer feedback and will continue to make adjustments in response to input from educators going forward. Exact Path is available for K-8 in all 50 states for the 2017-18 school year. It will grow to include assessments and instructional learning paths through 12th grade in spring 2018.

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