Wrightstown Middle School Recognized for Increasing Test Scores with Study Island’s Data-Driven Instruction

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Wrightstown Middle School Recognized for Increasing Test Scores with Study Island’s Data-Driven Instruction

School recognized for outstanding achievements using Edmentum solutions

Wrightstown Middle School will be presented the Rock Star School Award on April 21, 2015, by Edmentum, a leading provider of online learning solutions. The school has used data-driven instruction from Edmentum’s Study Island to steadily improve students’ standardized test scores since 2009. 

As part of a response to intervention (RTI) program, Wrightstown Middle School began using Study Island during the 2009–10 school year to help students who fell below the 20th percentile in reading and math. Since that time, the school has used students’ NWEA™ Measures of Academic Progress (MAP®) assessment results to create individualized learning paths in Study Island that allow students to focus on the content they are struggling with. Students can be working in Study Island all at the same time, but each student is focusing on his or her own individual path.

From 2009–10 school year to the 2013–14 school year, students who were proficient or advanced in math increased by 16.8 percent. Between those same years, students who were proficient or advanced in reading rose 14 percent. These major improvements in test score proficiency show the success of Study Island in the school.

“Each student having their own individualized path allows students to receive exactly what they need, without their peers being aware that they are doing different work,” said Lee Mierow, principal at Wrightstown Middle School. “It is a great benefit to have a tool like Study Island, which allows us to dive deeper into the language arts strands.”

Edmentum’s Rock Star School program recognizes outstanding schools by their inventive and effective uses of Edmentum learning solutions. The Rock Star School Award presentation will occur at 9:30 a.m. Central Time on April 21, 2015, at Wrightstown Middle School: 450 School Street, Wrightstown, Wisconsin 54180. For more details on the success at Wrightstown Middle School, read the success story on the Edmentum website.

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