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Actionable data you and your students will love

  • Provide targeted intervention with powerful assessments
  • Remediate off-grade-level work with adaptive instruction
  • Ensure grade-level proficiency and track progress over time

Interested in assessments for your school or district?

Edmentum Assessments cycle. Cycle begins with fixed-form and adaptive assessments then immediate feedback then targeted prescriptions, then real-time progress monintoring.

Identify opportunities for growth

Edmentum Assessments identify learning gaps and help educators zero in on opportunities for improvement. Our standards-based, fixed-form and adaptive assessments help improve and promote growth by providing targeted instruction.


Focused interventions that target student needs

Flexible and individualized instructional approaches are key to providing students with targeted interventions at the right level in a format that will resonate. Easily access and analyze data to take action and identify grade-level skills in addition to progress from one assessment to the next.

Image of a success store PDF. Image links to success stories to download.

Adaptive assessments that identify precise instructional needs

Fill critical gaps in prior knowledge and target off-grade-level content areas needing more emphasis for grades 3 through adult. Our high-quality, adaptive assessments help you identify both what students know and where learning breaks down throughout the school year, and they prescribe engaging digital curriculum so that students can successfully work independently at the appropriate skill level.

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Fixed-form assessments that target grade-level skills

Support learners in working toward mastering grade-level skills, and seamlessly track progress from one assessment to the next. Our fixed-form assessments provide an evaluation of your students’ progress or grade-level proficiency and prescribe rigorous digital curriculum to fill learning gaps and individualize instruction.