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At Edmentum, the efficacy of our solutions is critical, because our commitment to student achievement is uncompromising.  We invest in the research and third-party studies to ensure effectiveness.

Edmentum performed a quasi-experimental study of the effectiveness of our Study Island online learning platform on student growth during the 2016-17 school year. These results indicate that Study Island is an effective, evidence-based intervention. Specifically, the study has been verified to meet all criteria to qualify Study Island as meeting the ESSA requirements of an “evidence-based” intervention.


This paper presents the results of a year-long study of Edmentum Exact Path from a nationwide field test during the 2016–17 school year. Results indicate that use of Edmentum Exact Path is positively associated with student achievement outcomes in math, reading, and language arts. Statistically significant effects were found linking the amount of time spent on Exact Path and end-of-year diagnostic scores. 


ESSA Level of Research: Moderate Evidence (Quasi-Experimental)

What Works Clearing House Standard: Meets WWC Group Design Standards with Reservations

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