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Homebound instruction for special populations presents numerous challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that you’ve made the switch to virtual instruction and state assessments are off the table for this year, how do you know whether students are mastering the standards and making progress?

The COVID-19 school closures have left many high school educators and administrators scrambling to move their entire student populations into an online learning environment.

Edmentum can help your district ensure teachers can continue teaching virtually using our high quality, standards-aligned curriculum, Exact Path or Edmentum Courseware, through our Edmentum Capacit

This March, we’ve received hundreds of questions from educators pertaining to navigating virtual instruction.

Are you being asked to become a virtual teacher overnight? Are your students trying to find out how to learn at home, share a device, and take care of siblings at the same time?

Meeting the widely varying needs of students on IEPs, 504 plans, and receiving other special education services is a particular challenge for educators navigating the shift to online learning in th

Educators and students aren’t the only ones making the switch to online learning in response to COVID-19 school closures—parents and other caregivers are also navigating this unexpected change.

In this OnDemand panel webinar + attendee Q&A session, learn from former virtual school administrators, full-time virtual teachers, and Edmentum education consultants about best practices for s

School and district administrators are facing tough questions as they work to implement virtual instruction.

View this quick webinar to learn more about the importance of having a contingency learning plan in place and how Edmentum can help.

As you know, the recent reports of COVID-19, or coronavirus, has led to the closure of many schools and districts globally.

As you know, the recent reports of COVID-19, or coronavirus, has led to the closure of the majority of schools and districts globally.

In this OnDemand webinar, we will break down what equity in education is, and what it looks like in the classroom and barriers to our ability to achieve it.

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