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How Study Island Incorporates Research-Based Instructional Strategies

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The Lexile Framework linking study was conducted to determine the relationship between Exact Path reading diagnostic scale scores and Lexile measures. This abstract provides an overview of the linking study methods. Results indicate a strong positive correlation between Exact Path reading scale scores and Lexile measures. Student Lexile measures, which are reported in Exact Path following administration of the reading diagnostic, can be used to locate reading materials at an appropriate level of difficulty for the student.

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Considering the inherent complexities involved, learning how to read high level, complex texts is an extraordinary achievement. The Reading Eggspress Comprehension program makes the cognitive and metacognitive skills required for comprehension explicit to learners.

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The challenges of learning to spell in English are widely documented in literature. Up to one third of students fail to read and spell to a reasonable standard. The Reading Eggspress Spelling program is explicit and systematic with a focus on spelling patterns, structure and meaning features.

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Developing Student Literacy Skills: How Study Island Aligns with Best Practice.

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