Practice and Preparation

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Practice and Preparation

We provide the practice so that your students can achieve perfection

We all know the old saying “practice makes perfect”—often used in conversation to encourage one another to keep working toward a difficult task or goal. At Edmentum, we believe in the value of practice to attain mastery and unlock potential, but we put particular emphasis on just how that practice is defined. Grounded in pedagogical research and psychometric data, we offer high-quality, proven practice solutions you can count on.

Interested in practice and preparation solutions for your school? We can help.

Master skills and standards

To attain mastery, it’s important to allow students time to carefully explore new concepts, reinforce skills, and build automaticity. In order to support meaningful practice sessions that build underlying skills and meet standard expectations, Edmentum will:

  • Allow you to pinpoint specific standards and assign meaningful practice in alignment with your scope and sequence using Study Island
  • Automate practice at each student’s unique instructional level using our Individualized Learning Solution
  • Deliver engaging independent practice that includes technology-enhanced items, direct feedback, short educational and reward games, and printable worksheets

Prepare for summative tests

If students aren’t familiar with item types and online environments, when test day rolls around their scores will be as much of a reflection of their ability to decode what they’re being asked to do as an assessment of their concept knowledge. Prepare students for summative assessments using Edmentum’s Study Island to:

  • Benchmark student learning three times a year with standards-based interim assessments reflective of state summative tests
  • Offer a rich variety of technology-enhanced item types that are specifically addressed on your state’s summative test
  • Give students low-risk opportunities to practice navigating online testing environments while reinforcing skills

Monitor progress at every step

Practice can make the difference between good and great. Monitor progress each step of the way to make sure that the practice and preparation your students receive is focused and meaningful. Edmentum’s Study Island includes data-rich analytics to:

  • Make faster, more informed decisions and assign topics directly from the data dashboard
  • Visualize and track class and individual student progress toward standards mastery
  • Suggest topics and standards that require additional practice based on performance

Support college and career readiness

The bridge from the K–12 environment to higher education or the professional world can be a bumpy ride. Prepare your students for the adventures and challenges that lie ahead. Edmentum’s practice and preparation solution Study Island, as well as our flexible Courseware options, support college and career readiness by:

  • Preparing students for the rigors of higher education with AP® exam preparation
  • Supporting ACT® and SAT® college entrance exams with test preparation or full curriculum
  • Building fundamental skills to excel on high school equivalency assessments, including the GED®, HiSET®, and TASC® tests


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