A Decade of Learning Gains Using Study Island in Denton, TX

A Decade of Learning Gains Using Study Island in Denton, TX

Wilson Elementary School

Success Story


Educators at Wilson Elementary are always working to improve outcomes for the students they serve, so when they needed a resource to help boost mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), they implemented Study Island, Edmentum’s formative assessment and practice program. Now, through the dedication and enthusiasm of its teachers and administrators, and with more than a decade of help from Study Island, Wilson Elementary is the highest performing Title I school in its district, with passing rates well above state and district averages.


When Wilson Elementary first investigated acquiring a supplemental educational program, it was looking for a solution with stringent alignment to the TEKS and the ability to support its  Spanish-speaking population. The school was not looking for a replacement for its dedicated staff but rather a source of more targeted practice in math, reading, and science for its 3rd through 5th-grade students—with all materials and tests available in Spanish. Study Island ticked all of those boxes more than ten years ago.

The school requires the use of Study Island in the classroom as a supplement to the quality instruction that is already delivered. Additionally, Wilson Elementary has set up a dedicated computer lab that is made available by reservation. Because of the popularity of the program with the students, Study Island has also been made available for use at home. This usage equates to Wilson Elementary’s nearly 300 grade 3–5 students being responsible for over 6,000 hours on task over the course of the 2012–13 school year, answering nearly half a million questions correctly.

Wilson Elementary's principal, Audrey Staniszewski, credited motivation as the determining factor for why the students are so engaged with the program: “The students receive Blue Ribbons for meeting their goals.We set the goals, track them on posters in each classroom, and then go out of our way to celebrate with the students when they meet those goals.”


Over the past 10 years, Wilson Elementary has been rated Exemplary in state accountability ratings seven times. It is Denton Independent School District's highest performing Title I school and one of the district’s most consistent performers overall. According to its most recent NCLB report card, 95 percent of Wilson Elementary’s students met or exceeded standards in reading, while 93 percent did so in math. State averages are 88 percent and 84 percent, respectively.

Additionally, 94 percent of Wilson Elementary’s ELL students are meeting the standards in reading and language arts. The state average is 78 percent.

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District Profile
  • 590 students
  • Grades K to 5
  • 55% Caucasian
  • 30% Hispanic
  • 11% African American
  • 46% free/reduced lunch