Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school 2023-24!

"Welcome back to school, educators! Hi, everyone. I'm Dr. Debi Crimmins, a former teacher, assistant principal, associate superintendent. I've walked that talk with you guys, and now I'm the Senior Vice President of Advocacy here at Edmentum.

You know, I vividly remember this time of year - back to school, all the excitement, all the energy. No sleep, no rest for all of us as educators, right? No rest for the weary because we're so excited about our kids coming back. We're busy getting ready, getting the classroom ready, getting the materials ready. We're planning the curriculum.

And I wanted us to take a second, just to thank you. To thank you for all the hard work, all the energy, all the passion that you put in every single day. We truly appreciate everything that you do to make sure that all of our students are ready for the future, engaged, excited, and learning.

You know, there's nothing like that moment, right? When you see your students' face and you know they get it, they understand. It's that light bulb going on, it's this 'this is happening' moment. And here at Edmonton, all of us, as former teachers and administrators ourselves, we celebrate all of you as educators who every single day make those learning moments happen for all of our students.

You know, I couldn't be prouder to work with students, teachers, administrators, and schools and districts across the country where you're making this impact and making this 'this is happening' moment happen for students. And on behalf of Edmentum, all of us, we say thank you. We wish you the most amazing, fantastic school year ever. And if you ever need anything, you know we're just a call, a text, or an email away. We truly appreciate all that you do and have a fantastic school year!"