Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a comprehensive, online supplemental literacy programs for pre-K through 2nd grade readers. Grounded in extensive educational research, the programs build on and reinforce the five pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Reading Eggs begins at a beginner reading level, focusing on letter sounds, first sight words, and reading simple sentences. As pre-K through 2nd grade students navigate through the program, they cover a wide range of phonics and comprehension skills, essential sight words, and are continuously engaged with interactive animations, learning activities, games, songs, and rewards.

Reading Eggs at a Glance

Students can take a diagnostic placement tests when they first begin the Reading Eggs program to ensure that they are working at a level that matches their reading ability, or teachers can move students to an appropriate level. Reading Eggs is simple to navigate and students are motivated to complete lessons through the engaging lessons and characters, and a personalized learning experience.

The Reading Eggs lessons provide plenty of practice in developing key reading skills and the interactive activities can be repeated as often as needed. Teachers can easily access resources like teaching notes, student worksheets, spelling worksheets, grammar demos, and big books for interactive whiteboards. The bright graphics and repetition work well with a wide range of students, and the songs and fun activities make Reading Eggs a rewarding activity, where students experience success as they learn to read.

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Reading Eggs Program Overview

Stepping Stones Lessons

The Stepping Stones Reading lessons are the core of the Reading Eggs learn-to-read program. Each lesson builds on the previous one to build skills in five key areas: phonemic awareness and phonics, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. The lessons are presented in three broad levels with 40 lessons in each level.

  • Level 1 Starting out for absolute beginners: Pre-K-kindergarten, lessons 1-40
  • Level 2 Beginning to read for emerging readers: 1st grade, lessons 41-80
  • Level 3 Building confidence for early readers: 2nd grade, lessons 81-96

Skills Bank Lessons

The Skills Bank Spelling lessons are the core of the Reading Eggs learn-to-spell program. The Spelling Vault contains 96 carefully graded spelling lessons. Each spelling lesson focuses on a 12-word spelling list. The lessons cover the spelling requirements of the first three years of school with 32 lessons per year level.

Driving Tests

This section of Reading Eggs assesses reading skills with tests that cover high-frequency sight word knowledge, phonic skills (letters and sounds), and content area vocabulary. Each of the three areas has 15 quizzes, with 20 questions in each quiz.

Storylands Lessons

Storylands lessons focus on vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Each lesson contains six activities, a new book, and a comprehension quiz. As students progress through the lessons, they are greeted with characters and interactive elements that keep them engaged and moving forward.

Story Factory

In the Story Factory, students practice their creative writing skills by creating their own books with full-color illustrations. Students can compete in a weekly story writing competition to win Golden Eggs. The top stories are displayed in the Story Factory Showroom.

Puzzle Park

Puzzle Park contains 32 timed puzzles that reinforce a variety of literacy skills, including comprehension, sight word knowledge, vocabulary development, following directions, and problem solving.

What's New?

NEW! Mobile-enabled interface
Reading Eggs’ mobile-enabled interface ensures seamless 24/7 access to our engaging and interactive reading and literacy solutions. The same great resources and rigorous content educators and students have come to expect on a desktop computer are now readily accessible from tablet devices like iPads. This exciting new functionality gives students the flexibility to continue their Reading Eggs adventure from anywhere with an Internet connection.

NEW! Mobile-enabled lessons
Reading Eggs is now mobile-enabled for all lessons, Reggie’s Shop, Rewards, and the Personal Avatars.

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