Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggspress builds on a student’s love for reading and develops reading comprehension skills for 2nd through 6th grade students. The engaging platform gets students excited and involved as soon as they enter.

Reading Eggspress motivates students and supports reading comprehension skills through a unique learning environment. Students are presented with a wide range of learning resources, lessons, motivational games, e-books, and rewards.

Reading Eggspress at a Glance

When a student logs into Reading Eggspress, they land on the floating island. From here they can go to all of their Reading Eggspress destinations.  Reading Eggpress provides a unique learning environment where students’ can improve their English language and comprehension skills in a way that is exciting and engaging.

The wide variety of activities within Reading Eggspress motivates students to complete lessons and improve their reading comprehension skills. Reading Eggspress has an enormous range of learning resources, lessons, motivational games and fiction and nonfiction e-books.  

Teachers are supported within the program through a wide range of tools including built-in student reporting, student management features, and the Teacher Toolkit. The Teacher Toolkit includes a variety of resources that help teachers support classroom instruction and drive achievement, including: book notes, student worksheets, grammar demos for use on interactive whiteboards, and interactive instructional study units.

Hear from a teacher using Reading Eggs with success.

Reading Eggspress Program Overview

The Comprehension Gym

The Comprehension Gym includes 200 interactive comprehension lessons. Each lesson includes pre-reading activities followed by a set of comprehension questions that assess a student's factual, inferential, and textual understanding. The 200 comprehension lessons help children to think about and understand what they read with animated examples that build a wide range of comprehension strategies.

The Library

The Library includes over 1700 e-books. E-books include illustrated chapter books, full color fiction and nonfiction books, and a range of classics. Students and teachers can search for books by topic, series, author, reading age, or book title. All Reading Eggspress e-books are leveled, using reading age, so students can easily find books at their level and interest.

The Stadium

The Stadium is an exciting head-to-head contest that tests a student's skills in one of four areas: spelling, vocabulary, usage, and grammar.

The Mall & The Apartment

In The Mall students can purchase items for their apartment or avatar with the golden eggs they have earned. Students can personalize their apartment with items they have purchased in The Mall, and they can play a 100 level quest-style game called Quote Quest.


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