Edmentum™ Sensei

Accessing, analyzing, and acting on your data just got easier

Introducing an unprecedented way for you to seamlessly access and interact with data from Edmentum online learning products.

Your program data comes to life in Edmentum™ Sensei™ via intuitive charts, graphs, and visual cues, providing a real-time picture of what’s going on in your world. This interactive, engagement hub, designed with the educator in mind, dynamically responds to help you identify patterns, measure growth, and glean insights.

  • Easily explore onscreen actionable data from Edmentum’s 21st century solutions
  • Make faster, more informed decisions through robust analytics and app-like ease of use
  • Visualize and track overall school, teacher, and student progress so that you can focus your attention where it is needed most and leverage your expertise to do what you do best.

Mobile-optimized for the 21st century classroom

Efficiently monitor and manage academic progress and achievement to make faster, more informed decisions anywhere, anytime, from your laptop or mobile device.

Connect and engage to improve performance

The interface dynamically responds to help you identify patterns, measure growth, and glean insights. Connect with students to ask questions, give praise, offer encouragement, or dig a little deeper. Quickly identify achievement gaps and immediately take action to intervene.

Easily access and analyze data

Intuitive analytics and onscreen reporting provide a true picture of what’s going on in your world. Monitor student engagement, subject mastery, recent activity, grades, and other data in just a few clicks.

Edmentum Sensei is automatically included with subscriptions of the following Edmentum products:

Plato Courseware - Monitor Course Progress

  • Monitor student progress through a course or assignment
  • Assign additional content, built to standards, to create personalized learning paths for students
  • Unlock mastery tests or reset passwords with one click
  • View and take action on district, location, and program-level data

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Study Island - Track Standards Mastery

  • Examine student progress toward meeting state and Common Core standards
  • Provide students with remediation of acceleration assignments directly from the dashboard
  • View results for a whole class or individual student

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Edmentum Assessments - Evaluate Assessment Data

  • Assign supplemental material to offer targeted intervention
  • Monitor students' usage and progress of prescription content quickly from the dashboard
  • Create groups to monitor progress of students based on skill, need, or structure of program
  • View and take action on district, location, and program-level data

What’s New

We’ll be introducing a couple new Edmentum Sensei user experiences to products in the Edmentum portfolio over the next couple months. Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming innovations for Winter 2014.

Edmentum Sensei for Plato Courseware

The upcoming program view in Edmentum Sensei will provide administrators with a view of their overall programs, buildings, and teachers, as well as the ability to drill down into individual students like a teacher is able to today. Administrators, principals, and others will be able to take action at the teacher, program, or school level, such as communication, reporting, and policy decisions.

Edmentum Sensei for Study Island

Edmentum Sensei will be released to all Study Island teacher accounts to give them a clear visualization of their students’ progress towards standards mastery. From the dashboard, they will be able to see a summary of both whole class and individual student progress for all subjects, and even directly assign content when students need additional practice.


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