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Classroom Assessment

Inform instruction with flexible classroom assessments

Assessment for learning rather than assessment of learning is at the heart of what classroom assessment strategies are all about. By changing the motivation behind administering another test, from one of merely data reflection to that of providing a compass to guide future instruction, educators can embrace the value of a meaningful assessment strategy. Edmentum helps support formative assessment practices in the classroom through targeted, standards-based solutions that make accessing, analyzing, and taking action on your data easy.

Interested in classroom assessment solutions for your school? We can help.

Monitor progress over time

Keeping tabs on academic gains and learning opportunities is the most important output of your classroom assessment strategy. Edmentum helps you track progress throughout the school year to:

  • Report on grade-level standards mastery and individual student growth targets
  • Bring data-rich analytics to life via intuitive charts, graphs, and visual cues
  • Include detailed reports that support ongoing communication with parents and stakeholders
  • Answer “what’s next?” by bubbling up key insights in real time

Visualize progress across a unit or set of lessons

Often, larger educational concepts require an entire unit to fully explore. Assessing achievement following these key stages can offer important insights that enlighten future instruction. Edmentum offers Built Tests in Study Island to:

  • Create and distribute customized standards-based tests for some or all of your students
  • Provide access to thousands of assessment questions backed by years of quality research
  • Generate actionable reports that help you pinpoint where targeted reteaching should occur

Conduct informal daily check-ins

Checking for understanding doesn’t always have to take the form of a traditional “test.” Edmentum offers flexible tools that provide real-time data to drive timely support and intervention. Practice sessions in Edmentum’s Study Island:

  • Provide a low-risk environment for students to explore concepts and reinforce learning
  • Offer purposeful independent practice focused on a specified grade-level standard
  • Include immediate feedback that incorporates suggested strategies and clarifies correct answers

Benchmark learning to assess for understanding

Comparative interim assessments can be leveraged to help evaluate student progress toward meeting your state standards. Edmentum offers easy-to-use assessments to:

  • Expose students to the curriculum and item types they will experience on state summative tests
  • Keep up with evolving state assessments with assessment solutions that are adapted to reflect any state requirement shifts
  • Measure student learning three times a year, across each available subject and grade level using Benchmark Assessments from Study Island
  • Support learners working toward grade-level skill mastery with Edmentum TestPacks’ fixed, comparable assessments that include automatic content prescriptions

Administer weekly progress checks

Use short-cycle assessments to take a quick temperature check on student learning and to support continuous improvement. Whether you want to measure success at your students’ instructional levels or against grade-level standards, Edmentum has tools that:

  • Help you quickly measure concept mastery to differentiate whole-class and small-group instruction
  • Utilize short progress checks to adapt instruction at each student’s instructional level via our Individualized Learning Solution
  • Allow groups of students to answer standards-aligned questions in interactive teacher-led Group Sessions hosted in Study Island


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