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Meet students where they are to move learning forward

How do you ensure that all students acquire a desired set of skills when, in reality, each learner brings a myriad of varied abilities to the table? The concept of individualized learning recognizes that this scenario is all too familiar and provides you with an approach to embrace the fact that no two paths toward achievement are ever quite the same.

Edmentum offers flexible learning solutions that support each student and his or her unique academic interests and goals. Our comprehensive online tools adapt learning to student needs and enable educators to deliver targeted instruction, while our implementation expertise helps facilitate a blended learning approach in alignment with your technology strategy.

Interested in individualized learning solutions for your school? We can help.

Adapt learning to each individual student

Address learning gaps and maximize growth opportunities by delivering instruction in alignment with your students' academic readiness for grades K–6 and 7–12. Edmentum continuously refines the learning experience by:

  • Utilizing adaptive assessments that create a complete picture of individual strengths and needs
  • Providing tailored playlists of just-right content via targeted learning paths and content prescriptions
  • Offering meaningful remediation and enrichment for K–6th grade students based on real-time student performance
  • Supporting intervention for 7th–12th graders by drilling into objectives in which students are struggling in order to move them back up to grade level

Deliver targeted instruction

It’s not enough for students to be supported in a tailored online environment—an individualized approach should also extend into teacher-led classroom instruction. Our solutions enable educators to deliver customized support by:

  • Guiding instructional decision-making with easy-to-use data-visualization and progress-monitoring tools
  • Supporting varied learning experiences that incorporate project-based learning, critical thinking, and collaboration
  • Providing built-in skills- and standards-aligned resources that are easily accessible and searchable to save teachers time
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Facilitate 1:1 learning experiences

As schools seek the elusive magic bullet that will help prepare students for 21st century learning expectations, 1:1 technology implementations continue to rise. But, we also know that a device is only as powerful as the high-quality programs and blended-learning strategy that surrounds it. Edmentum can support your 1:1 initiative by:

  • Fueling learning experiences grounded in research-based, proven curriculum
  • Connecting the home and school with 24-hour online access everywhere learning occurs
  • Pairing your program purchase with industry-leading services and support to ensure success
  • Helping you find the right blended-learning model that aligns to your school and district goals


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