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Learning isn't a one-size-fits-all process

Because every student deserves an equal chance to experience success, effective learning practices must take into account individual students’ needs. For many learners, catching up can seem like an overwhelming task. Edmentum addresses that concern with an online experience filled with rigorous practice and instruction, rich media, graphics, videos, and interactivity.

Interested in intervention solutions for your school? We can help.

Meet the needs of every student in your classroom

Edmentum provides self-paced, personalized instruction that accommodates tiered intervention models. Edmentum’s solutions help educators with their tiered interventions by identifying students who are at risk, monitoring ongoing progress, planning evidence-based interventions, and adjusting those interventions as needed. Edmentum solutions provide you with the tools and support you need to effectively individualize learning for all students. Edmentum can help you:

  • Assess students using Edmentum’s valid and reliable K-6 and 7-adult assessments to easily diagnose strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint where students are ready to start learning
  • Target instruction with high-quality curriculum, powerful learning paths, and focused prescriptions, all derived from powerful assessment data
  • Dig into where learning breaks down and what skills have been mastered by monitoring student progress using smart data visualization and real-time reporting

Help struggling students regain the educational ground they’ve lost

By targeting specific issues with effective credit recovery solutions, educators can focus on instruction that fills students’ knowledge gaps and provides students with personalized learning experiences. Edmentum provides an online experience filled with rich media, graphics, videos, and interactivity, making credit recovery attainable and engaging. Edmentum Courseware solutions:

  • Provide you with the tools and support you need to ensure student achievement through credit recovery
  • Identify gaps in student understanding with exemptive pretests
  • Prescribe a personalized learning path for efficient and effective credit recovery
  • Leverage technology to target specific issues that students have struggled with in the past

Provide targeted intervention support

We understand that you have diverse populations of students of all ages and ability levels. Delivering individualized instruction to every student can be a significant challenge. Edmentum offers a variety of tools and resources to help support targeted interventions for all of your learners, including:

  • Engaging and flexible content that includes interactive lessons, tutorials, practice, and activities designed to engage learners as they master the materials
  • Powerful adaptive assessments that help support learning, fill gaps in prior knowledge, and target specific standards
  • Comparable, fixed-form assessments that can be easily scheduled multiple times a year to automate a fluid individualized prescription for each student over time
  • Quick-glance, real-time reporting to track your interventions and quickly view key information and milestones to help determine next steps

Build foundational skills to promote achievement

Your students’ formative educational experience can set the foundation for their future success. So, will your students only learn essential skills in isolation? Or, will you incorporate collaboration, critical thinking, and cross-curricular application to effectively target what you know students need to succeed in the 21st century classroom? Edmentum's pre-K–6 teaching and learning program EducationCity, can help you:

  • Transform rigorous concepts into relatable stories using rich animation, vivid colors, and a familiar band of characters
  • Provide rich activities for student-driven exploration paired with teacher-led interactive resources for a well-rounded instructional approach
  • Tailor teaching and learning experiences to your classroom environment, teaching style, and students’ needs

Crack the code on essential literacy skills

Inspiring a love for literacy in your most reluctant and struggling readers can feel like an uphill battle. What if you could reward learning at every turn and build fundamental phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills at the same time? With Edmentum’s 2-in-1 dynamic solution Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, you can:

  • Scaffold learning for pre-K–6th grade students to build literacy skills slowly and explicitly
  • Provide multiple opportunities for learning paired with frequent feedback and reinforcement
  • Access additional offline materials for intervention or targeted reteaching that directly aligns to what students experience in the program


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