Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention

Intervene with individualized support.

Implementing an effective Response to Intervention program requires building a framework that utilizes key instructional strategies, universal screening, and ongoing data analysis. Edmentum provides self-paced, personalized instruction that accommodates the three-tier Response to Intervention model. Edmentum’s RTI solutions help educators identify students who are at risk, monitor ongoing progress, plan evidence-based interventions, and adjust those interventions as needed.

Edmentum solutions provide you with the tools and support you need to effectively individualize learning for all students

  • Teach in a flexible environment with whole-class, small-group, and intensive individualized support
  • Provide a personalized learning experience for students in need of Tier I, II, or III intervention
  • Access and analyze real-time reporting to track progress and pinpoint areas of weakness for targeted instruction

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