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In today’s world, education and training make an essential difference in an adult’s ability to successfully participate in society. Edmentum Adult and Higher Education provides proven online curriculum, assessments, and preparation tools to help adult learners excel in college and/or career. Our anytime, anywhere access makes it easy for adult learners to succeed on their own schedule. Whether you want to build the knowledge and skills needed for college and career or improve performance on exams and certifications, Edmentum Adult and Higher Education is the solution for you.

Find out how we can help you increase learner success.

Plato Courseware provides proven online curriculum, personalized instruction, and assessments to prepare your adult learners for college and career success. Our solutions enhance the learning process with the quality, flexibility, interactivity, and online access that are vital to prepare your adult learners for the next step in their career or education. You can easily search for courses and content by instructional objective and subject area. This enhanced organizational structure makes finding appropriate content for all types of learners easier than ever.

Edmentum Assessment’s portfolio of diagnostic and formative assessments, coupled with supplemental content and college level courses set your learners up for success. Our courses help your adult learners progress by providing pretests that exempt learners from coursework they’ve already mastered so they can focus on the objectives they need assistance with. From entrance and placement tests, to credit-bearing courses, together we can make sure all learners are prepared for their next steps.

What's New?

New Learner Experience

Beginning July 28, 2014, the student experience in Plato Courseware, Edmentum Assessments, and EdOptions Academy will be easier to use than ever. Our new learner experience provides students with streamlined functionality that empowers them to quickly see the progress they are making on their assignments and what they need to do. Learners will benefit from:

  • Simple, intuitive navigation that helps students manage and complete their assignments anytime, anywhere
  • Instant updates that enable students manage their alerts, messages and progress
  • In-lesson student tools that provide students with easy access to the tools they need to complete their assignments
  • Accessibility improvements that support students of all learning levels

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High School Equivalency Exam Alignment (GED®, HiSET®, and TASC™)

The high school equivalency market has changed. We have full solutions, including diagnostic assessments, courseware, and practice tools, aligned to all three high school equivalency exams: the GED® and Spanish GED®, HiSET®, and TASC™ tests. This summer marks the completion of our full solutions with the release of: 

Spanish GED® Test Pack in Edmentum Assessments

Edmentum’s new Spanish GED Test Pack aligns to the four content areas in the 2014 GED test and includes the technology-enhanced items to support the online test-taking experience.

HiSET® Test Pack in Edmentum Assessments

Edmentum’s new HiSET Test Pack is a diagnostic exam that is aligned to all five subject areas of the HiSET exam and provides a prescription map to Plato Courseware content.

TASC Test Pack in Edmentum Assessments

Edmentum’s new TASC Test Pack is a diagnostic exam that is aligned to all five subject areas of the TASC and provides a prescription map to Plato Courseware content.

Grade Tracker

Grade Tracker simplifies the tasks of grade management in Plato Courseware and allows teachers to quickly see a student's progress and grade at any point in time. It also increases the instructors’ flexibility by allowing them to edit grades as well as add in outside activities.

Newly Built CTE and Core Courses

This summer, we are kicking off a major courseware update to our math and ELA courses, including mobile-optimized content, rigorous curriculum, and technology-enhanced item types. Additionally, we are releasing 16 new CTE courses this fall.

GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (ACE) and administered exclusively by GED Testing Service LLC under license.

TASC and Test Assessing Secondary Completion are trademarks of McGraw-Hill Education. Copyright © 2014 by CTB/McGraw-Hill LLC.

HiSET® is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This product is not endorsed or approved by ETS.

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Edmentum, Inc. is a leading provider of online learning programs designed to drive student achievement for academic and career success. With more than 50 years of experience driving significant advances in the industry, Edmentum offers a wide variety of innovative learning programs to empower 21st century teaching and learning.



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