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Apex Learning Virtual School

Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) is a fully accredited, private, online school for grades 6–12 that provides families with flexible options and empowers students to control when, where, and how learning happens.

  • Allow students to catch up, get ahead, or expand learning
  • Enroll part- or full-time with rigorous, engaging curricula
  • Earn credits that are widely accepted and easy to transfer

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Flexibility for families

Families expect convenient school options that fit their lives and still provide a high-quality and rigorous learning experience. With our student-first approach, we support, engage, and prepare students to learn anytime and anywhere. Whether enrolling full-time or supplementing a traditional education, students get the support and resources they need and fit them around the demands of everyday life.

Help for students to catch up, get ahead, or expand learning

Our vibrant, intuitive online learning experience blends flexibility with the structure and support that students need to succeed academically.

Take the lead with flexible scheduling

Students choose when, where, and how fast they work, with the ability to get ahead of their recommended schedule or slow down as needed. 

Succeed with high-quality instruction

Students learn best when they are engaged, so we include high-impact video, practice, and self-checks to actively engage them in every lesson.

Earn credits through an accredited and approved program

ALVS is accredited by Cognia®. We offer courses approved by the College Board (AP®), University of California, and NCAA®.

Thrive with comprehensive support

Our experienced team of certified virtual teachers and caring support staff provide individualized feedback to every student.

Parents and guardians, learn more about our virtual school registration and admission process.

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Courses and Tutorials

Our comprehensive catalog includes more than 200 core, honors, AP®, world language, CTE, credit recovery, elective, and NCAA®-approved courses, as well as focused tutorials for test prep or remediation.

  • Alignment to national standards for high-quality learning
  • A robust selection of single semester and yearlong courses
  • Flexible scheduling to meet each student’s unique needs

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Part-time enrollment

ALVS' part-time program offers a variety of flexible and convenient options that meet families' needs. Students can enroll and earn credits toward a wide range of academic goals, including advanced coursework or credit recovery. With part-time enrollment, brick-and-mortar or homeschool programs are supplemented with an expanded range of courses and opportunities for increased academic success.

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Full-time enrollment

ALVS' full-time program empowers students to thrive academically and earn their diploma in a more flexible setting. Students get the consistency and support of certified teachers and also partner with a Success Coach who helps navigate the online learning journey. With full-time enrollment, you replace a brick-and-mortar program with virtual teachers and counselors who provide the support needed for success.

“We have tried public school, private schools, and used various homeschool curriculum, and Apex is the best option by far.”

Jennifer S., Parent
Apex Learning Virtual School

Solutions to accomplish more

In addition to this private virtual school option, Edmentum offers a variety of digital curricula and virtual learning to help schools and districts find success.

Ed Options Academy 1

EdOptions Academy

Our virtual, human-centered instruction combines best-in-class K–12 learning technology with [state]-certified teachers to provide sustainable, in-district programs that grant every student a front-row seat to learning.

Instructional Services



Pretest-driven concept recovery to help grade 6–12 students catch up and find success in the courses they’re taking and the tests they’re preparing for.

Assessments, Supplemental & Intervention


Apex Courses

Digital curricula for grade 6 through adult learners help students reach graduation goals and beyond through flexible, personalized first-time credit, credit recovery, and expanded course access.

Courses & Curriculum

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