Math Achievement

Math proficiency unlocks access to higher graduation rates and rewarding careers. We believe in turning “Why does learning this even matter?” into mathematical knowledge and skills that solve real-world problems.

  • Build early math fluency and foundational success
  • Accelerate achievement of critical skills for algebra readiness
  • Deliver high-quality intervention, course credit, and test-prep programs

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Foundational math and fluency

Future interest in mathematics starts with a strong foundation. Our programs provide strong coverage of priority standards and systematically develop number sense and math vocabulary to improve math fluency. Engaging math models build understanding using the concrete-representational-abstract (CRA) approach. Instruction prioritizes multistep problem-solving and develops reasoning skills to improve metacognition.

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Algebra readiness

Connections between algebra and high school graduation are well documented. Our programs develop fundamental skills, address common math mistakes, and apply concepts to the real world to ensure that students are successful in high school math curricula. Technology-enhanced items—including drawing, graphing, number lines, and sequencing—accelerate learning, while scaffolding strategies promote deeper understanding.

Math success, K–12 and beyond

Our math programs apply the latest evidence-based research and engagement best practices to bring math instruction to life.

Standards alignment

Aligned to [state] standards, our curricula feature strong coverage of priority skills.

Academic recovery

Focused accelerate courses and credit recovery options increase graduation success.

Assessment-driven learning

Diagnostics and pretests ensure that students focus on what they need to learn.

Individualized pathways

Personalized instruction is designed with just-in-time remediation.

Explicit instruction

Vocabulary and multistep models are taught, practiced, and reinforced.

Intentional practice

Students explore and use digital math manipulatives in low-stakes practice.

Test readiness

Targeted programs prepare students for interim assessments and summative tests.

Data and reporting

Progress and achievement data inspire student agency and inform ongoing instruction.

An average student who uses Exact Path could accelerate learning for a gain up to 15 percentile points in math.

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Discover how Edmentum’s award-winning products and services can help you develop comprehensive math-focused intervention, course credit, and test-prep programs.

Exact Path 1

Exact Path

Diagnostic-driven learning paths and powerful teaching tools to scale interventions K–12 in math, reading, and language arts and empower educators to reach all students through personalized instruction.

Assessments, Supplemental & Intervention

Courseware 1


Digital curricula for grade 6 through adult learners help students reach graduation goals and beyond through flexible, personalized first-time credit, credit recovery, and expanded course access.

Courses & Curriculum



Pretest-driven concept recovery to help grade 6–12 students catch up and find success in the courses they’re taking and the tests they’re preparing for.

Assessments, Supplemental & Intervention

Study Island

Study Island

Industry-leading K–12 [state]-standards-aligned practice, test prep, and assessments to advance grade-level proficiency in math, ELA, science, and social studies and build testing confidence for all learners.

Assessments, Supplemental & Intervention

Ed Options Academy 1

EdOptions Academy

Our virtual, human-centered instruction combines best-in-class K–12 learning technology with [state]-certified teachers to provide sustainable, in-district programs that grant every student a front-row seat to learning.

Instructional Services

Ed Options Academy 1

Virtual Tutoring

Our intensive, K–12 virtual tutoring closes learning gaps and propels academic growth with program flexibility to target and support unique student needs.

Instructional Services

“Edmentum was a great partner to help us implement at a lower level. . . . The schools that we piloted outperformed all the other schools by a 30-percent gain. Now, we have a huge investment in the K–12 space for our children with Exact Path.”

Dr. Jesus Jara, Superintendent
Clark County School District, Nevada

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