Multilingual Access

About one in five students are multilingual learners (MLLs), also referred to as English language learners (ELLs). Edmentum offers supportive, WIDA-correlated curriculum to help unlock academic success.

  • Access grade-level content with built -in scaffolds and translation tools
  • Support English language acquisition with multimodal instruction
  • Monitor academic progress to inform intervention with real-time data

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WEBD 35 03 008 English Language Proficiency MLL Exact Path Read Aloud 650x445

Academic growth

Provide access to engaging core content with curricula that prioritize MLL support, differentiation, and scaffolding. WIDA-correlated programming from Edmentum applies multimodal instructional approaches to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Student supports — including built-in translation and read-aloud, dictionaries, course transcripts, and notetaking tools— all enhance active learning.

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Language acquisition

Accelerate language acquisition for secondary students with targeted support for entering, emerging, and developing MLLs. A newcomer course introduces basic vocabulary and sentence structure, and a Level 1 course hones English reading skills and sharpens syntax and grammar. Activate all four modalities of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing with the Courseware ELL Foundations library.

Comprehensive academic access

Reveal MLL academic abilities with language-learner-centered, standards-aligned content, and effective built-in tools.

WIDA and ELPA21 aligned

Rely on intentional design to open academic understanding.

Speaking practice

Increase learner fluency with multimodal, interactive lessons.

Listening skill-building

Improve listening skills with audio and text-to-speech support.

Reading supports

Expand comprehension with guided notes and visual aids.

Writing tools

Deepen writing skills with individualized lessons and editor tools.

Adaptive assessments

Meet students at their level with adaptive and customizable assessments.

Scaffolds and tools

Develop background knowledge with videos and interactive guides.

Data insights

Monitor progress and proficiency with real-time data and reporting.

Exact Path has been awarded a WIDA PRIME V2 correlation.

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“[Edmentum] provides teachers with tools to address individual English Language Proficiency goals while providing flexibility to extend learning for developing ELs.”

Letitia Walker, District ESOL Lead Teacher
Henry County Schools, Georgia

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