Research & Impact

Rigorous and ongoing research, third-party validations, and success stories from our partners confirm the effectiveness and quality of our solutions. Explore our unwavering commitment to student achievement.

  • Ratings that meet ESSA evidence of effectiveness requirements
  • Sound instructional design and a research base
  • Over 12,000 state and agency approvals

Evidence our solutions work

Compelling research and evidence-based learning design lead to solutions that improve student outcomes. Discover how Edmentum supports educators and students around the world.

Efficacy Research

Discover studies showing positive and impactful results of Edmentum programs on student learning, including those that meet What Works Clearinghouse standards and ESSA tiers of evidence.

Psychometric Research

View research that establishes the validity, reliability, and fairness of Edmentum's assessments, including linking and correlation studies that predict state assessment performance.

Foundational Research

Our programs are designed to improve student outcomes from the start. Explore our foundational research base, alongside thought leadership, which ensures that our programs meet your students’ needs now and as education evolves.

State and Agency Approvals

Explore third-party validation of Edmentum's assessments and curricula and find over 12,000 approvals across 50+ state and agency lists showing our rigor, validity, and standards alignment.

Success Stories

Read stories that explore educator and student success, detail program effectiveness, and provide implementation best practices that fuel growth and achievement.

Testimonial Videos

Watch district and school leaders share their insights into how a partnership with Edmentum met them where they were and provided the necessary tools and support to achieve their goals.