Managing multiple tools and systems is complex. With Edmentum, you can trust that the programs you use prioritize interoperability, integrating into your larger digital ecosystem with ease. 

  • Save time and resources with automated tasks and data management
  • Support student privacy with streamlined access and data exchange
  • Create data-driven, flexible, and individualized learning experiences

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The power of interoperability with plug-and-play integrations

By connecting the dots, we simplify workflows, reduce administrative tasks, and empower educators to spend more time teaching and learning.

Enhance security and efficiency with single sign-on (SSO)

Eliminate login confusion by using one set of familiar credentials securely exchanged between district systems and Edmentum.

Interconnect multiple district systems with data exchange

Efficiently sync student rosters between district systems, integrate Edmentum assignments into your gradebook, and apply custom system integration.

Leverage our content in your learning management system (LMS)

Browse, create, and run solutions at a lesson level, or bring a whole course over to your LMS for a high degree of flexibility and individualization.

Generate learning paths from third-party assessments

Utilize your partner assessment data to generate individualized learning paths within our platforms and inform instruction with data-driven insights.

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Secure, easy access

With SSO, teachers and students can access various applications with a single set of credentials, eliminating login confusion and saving precious instructional time. Say goodbye to password headaches—our integrations automate time-consuming tasks, supporting accuracy and consistency of student data. SSO can be used with or without automated rostering.

ClassLink, Clever, Google, Microsoft, and SAML

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Data exchange and analytics

We simplify data management to enable loading, updating, and exchanging of rostering and data across multiple district systems. Incorporate Edmentum assignments into district gradebooks, and export customized reporting and analytics. Use your in-house development resources with our proprietary API to create custom integrations.

Rostering Data Partners:
ClassLink, Clever
Bi-Directional Data Exchange:
API, Edmentum Student Data Exchange (ESDE)

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One interoperable ecosystem

Leveraging the capabilities of your learning management systems, integrate and manage our solutions at an individual lesson level or import a complete course structure into your LMS. This can be accomplished with the Learning Tools Interoperability®(LTI®) specification, not only saving valuable time but also streamlining the learning experience for your students.

Integrations: Canvas, Schoology, and any LMS that supports LTI 1.1 (coming soon: LTI 1.3)

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Data to drive forward action

Use the assessment data you already have to answer the question: “What’s next?” and incorporate data-driven insights to inform teaching without over-testing students. Integrate our partner assessments to generate individualized instruction and practice within Study Island and Exact Path to power proficiency and growth for all students.

Renaissance Star and NWEA MAP Growth

“[Teachers] were able to streamline what they were doing in a way that seemed to totally benefit student engagement in the classroom, enhanced the teacher's planning time, made it easier for them to differentiate, and then let the students practice exact skills that they had assigned to them in the programs.”

Dr. Connie Yearwood, Principal
Demorest Elementary School, Georgia

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) is a trademark of the 1EdTech Consortium, Inc. (