TrustEd Apps Pledge


Edmentum has endorsed the TrustEd Apps Pledge, supporting a continued guarantee to put open standards and data privacy at the forefront of our integrations. The pledge was created by 1EdTech, an interoperability leader in the education market. View the pledge website for more information and participating members.

Today’s challenges are unprecedented.

Students and teachers need a resilient, flexible, safe, and data-rich technology experience—whether in the classroom, online, or across both—that improves productivity, increases engagement, and facilitates student success. School districts and universities that have put interoperability and data privacy enabled by open standards at the center of their edtech ecosystem requirements have been better able to support their faculty and students as they strive to make the most out of education technology.

Why open standards?

Open standards are not just a better way. They are the only viable way for institutions, governments, and suppliers to invest together to address today’s challenges and enable greater opportunities for innovation. Open standards work, and they are widely available.