ESSA Tier 2 Research

Impacts of Edmentum Exact Path on Student Achievement

Math Achievement
Reading Achievement
Language Arts Achievement
WEBD 35 002 Efficacy Impacts of XP

Use of Exact Path lessons has a positive, statistically significant effect on growth from one test to the next.

The purpose of this study was to provide a rigorous estimate of the impact of Exact Path use on student achievement. Century Analytics, Inc. conducted a rigorous evaluation of Edmentum Exact Path to estimate the impact of Exact Path use on student achievement. The study compared diverse national samples of users and non-users that have ben matched on prior scores - baseline equivalence.

Our key research question states, what is the impact of Exact Path usage between the fall diagnostic and winter diagnostic assessment on student achievement relative to students who do not use Exact Path?

Results of this study suggest that students who use Exact Path and complete lessons on the learning progression assigned to them by Exact Path will make gains in achievement relative to students who do not complete any lessons. Results suggest that Exact Path is targeting the skills that students need to develop in order to improve their achievement.

Third-party validation through LearnPlatform confirms this quasi-experimental efficacy study meets the standards in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) aligning with Level II, "Moderate Evidence," and meets the What Works Clearinghouse 5.0 Group Design standards with reservations.