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Edmentum empowers you with the solutions you need to be more effective. We are committed to solving your challenges with flexible tools paired with the right support to optimize student success.

Blended Learning

Blend traditional instruction with technology.

We know that you are challenged with finding school and classroom resources that not only improve achievement but also simultaneously engage and motivate students. Whether your students are above, below, or on grade level, their learning experience should be designed around their individual needs and learning styles. To keep you at the helm of your classroom as these needs regularly shift, you need a program that focuses your attention to ensure more meaningful interactions with your students.

Keeping your priorities at the forefront, Edmentum is committed to delivering engaging tools that connect the teaching and learning process. Ignite your students’ love of learning by offering online solutions that incorporate rigorous instruction and practice activities, as well as easy access to actionable data that helps you visualize and track student progress to make faster, more informed decisions.

See how we support blended learning:

Innovative educators all over the country are exploring different ways to integrate blended learning solutions in their schools. In this short video, hear from educators as they define what blended learning is to them and describe how they have successfully implemented programs that fuse traditional instruction with technology.
Customer Testimonial
Quitman Street Community School, New Jersey

Products to support blended learning

Online Courses

More options. More opportunity.

Edmentum provides comprehensive, engaging, online courseware that is built on real-world skills, based on blended learning best practices, and aligned to state and national standards. Our online courses address a wide range of educational needs across the secondary market. We are committed to meeting the needs of diverse learners.

Whether it's first-time credit, expanding class offerings, or servicing a higher education institution, our solutions can help. It's a “learning by doing” philosophy designed to be a personalized experience for every learner. As an educator's most trusted partner, we are committed to creating successful student outcomes everywhere that learning occurs.

See how we support online learning through expanded course offerings:

Online courses open up a world of rich content, interactive activities, and flexible implementations for students and educators. In this short video, hear from teachers, administrators, and students to learn how they are blending and personalizing learning by using online courses to drive learning forward and meet students at their individual levels.
Customer Testimonial
Woodrow Wilson High School, North Dakota

Products to provide expanded course options:

Formative Assessment

Inform classroom instruction with data analytics.

Assessing for learning rather than of learning is at the heart of what formative assessment strategies are all about. Determining where learning breaks down and intervening over time, is an essential element of the instructional process.

Edmentum helps support formative assessment practices in the classroom through targeted, standards-based practice and assessment solutions. We offer educators high quality data that helps them identify what students know and where learning breaks down throughout the school year. We are committed to making accessing, analyzing, and taking action on your data easy. Our solutions include meaningful results that help you pinpoint academic strengths and weaknesses to differentiate instruction and target individual student needs anytime.

See how we support formative assessment strategies:

Ongoing feedback, progress monitoring, and immediate support—what do all of these phrases have in common? Together, they help guide effective formative assessment practices in the classroom. Hear from fellow educators that are applying these concepts to create meaningful interactions with their students.
Customer Testimonial
Oregon High School, Wisconsin

Products to support formative assessment:

Individualized Learning

Support each unique student’s academic journey.

Your students don’t all learn in the same way, so why deliver instruction in the same way? Providing each student with a tailored instructional approach that is paced to individual needs is critical to his or her success. Edmentum’s individualized learning solutions provide you with the tools you need to understand baseline competencies, identify strengths and weaknesses, and drive instruction to ensure that students are making progress toward individual goals and objectives. Our programs are uniquely designed to provide focused support to raise student achievement.

See how we support individualized learning strategies:

Meeting students where they are is at the heart of what educators do every day. In this video, take a closer look at how these teachers and administrators are using technology to create meaningful educational experiences that are individualized to their students’ instructional needs.
Customer Testimonial
Penn High School, Indiana

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