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We continue investing in our solutions to provide you with innovative tools, solid program planning, and ongoing support, to redefine your classroom. Click here for more detailed release notes.


  • Learning Path Progress Usage Report

    Feel confident students are making the most of their time in Exact Path with a detailed exportable report that captures key usage metrics such as time spent in their learning path, number of activities completed, and time in system.

  • Searchable Content

    Accessing high-quality content just became easier. You are now able to conduct a global search by skill to locate and preview content for teacher-led whole-class instruction or small-group intervention. Similarly, this functionality will be extended into global search by standard in August.

  • Flash-Free Learning Paths

    Beginning July 31st, all learning path content will be 100% mobile-optimized. This ensures your students will have an optimal user experience on all devices, including Chromebooks and iPads. As Exact Path continues to expand, we are committed to offering a Flash-free environment for you and your students.

  • K-8 NWEA Integration

    Your MAP assessments scores just became even more powerful. Edmentum Exact Path has partnered with the NWEA™ to offer a fully integrated solution that provides adaptive learning paths for students based on their MAP® Growth and MAP Growth K-2 assessment results.

  • Coming August: 7th & 8th Grade Availability

    This August, Exact Path is extending through middle school! Soon, all 7th and 8th grade students can expect the same features and functionality offered to K-6 students, but with age-appropriate content, a more mature interface, and instruction that extends through 12th grade for accelerated learners.

  • Reporting Updates

    Administrators are now able to filter and generate reports according to specific demographic sub groups to support accountability requirements. Additionally, this August national norms for our adaptive diagnostic assessment will be made available for K-6 students. 

  • Coming August: Study Island Topic Suggestions

    Just in time for the 2017-18 school year, Study Island and Exact Path are linking up so you can see suggested Study Island topics listed in Exact Path student progress views. Connect instruction in Exact Path with additional practice and reinforcement in Study Island by leveraging this helpful feature.

  • Auto-Grouping

    Exact Path's grouping feature is getting even smarter. In addition to being able to filter student performance by skill or domain, an auto-group button will now move students automatically into homogeneous small groups based on ability to help you make instructional decisions even faster. 

  • Parent Letters & Login Cards

    To help encourage use at home, we're launching printable parent letters that are now available in the Help Center. Parent letters serve as a friendly introduction to the online program and coach parents on how to use key product features. They are available for both easy login and the traditional login process in English and Spanish.

  • Mastery Trophies & Teacher Challenges

    To inspire motivation and keep learning on track, Exact Path now incorporates mastery trophies and challenge badges. Mastery trophies award student proficiency following a learning path Progress Check. For every skill students master, they will earn a trophy. Challenge badges are teacher-defined motivational tools that can be set up based on time-on-task or mastery.


  • Summer & Fall 2017 Enhancements

    Get a detailed walkthrough of these enhancements with one of our experts! Register for the Live Webinar: What's New with Edmentum Courseware. If the dates and times don't fit your schedule, register anyway and we will send you the recording.

    Edmentum Courseware is introducing new features designed to enhance the way educators utilize data, support students, and communicate results with various stakeholders. What’s more, all of our upcoming enhancements are driven by your feedback about how you use the program! Want to learn more about these exciting enhancements? We are offering live webinars to give you more detail on these enhancements and how you can best leverage them. There are separate sessions for customers using Grade Tracker and customers using Grade Report, so be sure to register for the correct one.  If the dates and times don't work for you, register anyway and we will send you the recording.

    Download the What's New Guide for more information.

    Now Available: Contact Hours Report

    The new Contact Hours Report is designed to capture hours spent working inside a class setting or remotely, giving educators more information about where and when students are leveraging Courseware.

    Now Available: Course Audit Report

    The new Course Audit Report gives administrators a consolidated measure of the courseware performance across an entire district. Administrators have flexibility in the data they pull and can gather metrics like the total number of courses completed by the school, which courses earned the most credits, how much time students spent in the program overall, location or demographic based performance, and more.

    Now Available: Enhanced Detailed Score Report

    Flex Assignments will be added as a resource option to the Detailed Score Report. This enhancement will provide educators requiring district-wide accountability of programs to have visibility into program success.

    Now Available: Brand New Algebra I, Biology, and HS Earth and Space Science Courses

    Our new Algebra I course will give students access to rigorous, scaffolded activities and instruction as they work to demonstrate algebraic concepts. New tools include 1 - and 2-D graphic tools, more opportunities to practice, and engaging videos that feature worked examples.

    Now Available: New CTE and electives courses

    CTE: International Business 

    Electives: Artificial Intelligence; Theatre, Cinema, & Film Production; Introduction to Military Careers; Introduction to Women's Studies; History of the Holocaust

    Now Available: Additional new and updated state-specific courses

    TX CTE Courses

    Coming August 28: New Courseware home page

    The Courseware home page will provide a new set of data views, giving educators instant visibility into student progress toward earning course credit. From the dashboard, educators can immediately respond to class and individual student needs through four new pages: 

    My Course Sections: In this view, educators can easily see student course progress for multiple course sections.

    My Classrooms: In this view, educators can build classrooms and view student progress across multiple courses. Also, educators can quickly identify how many students are off, on, and ahead of pace by course in the context of how their program is managed. 

    My Students: This new view allows educators to visualize student progress across multiple courses. 

    My Active Tasks: This task-oriented view of activity allows educators to immediately respond to student alerts through a simplified to-do list. Educators can also easily filter by task type to quickly find the most relevant information.

    Coming August 28: Pacing and progress monitoring

    Time management is one of the biggest keys to success in an online learning environment. To help you and your students make the most of your time, we've added progress and pacing data, designed to give you and your students guidance on progress toward course completion.

    Coming August 28: Gradebook - for Customers currently using Grade Tracker

    Our brand-new gradebook makes streamlined daily management of online learning within Courseware even easier. The new Courseware gradebook will provide educators with automatic and seamless record keeping of individual student performance in assigned courses.

    Coming August 31: New and updated state-specific courses

    TX Algebra I, CA Health

    Coming October 30: Gradebook - for customers currently using Grade Report

    Our brand-new gradebook makes streamlined daily management of online learning within Courseware even easier. The new Courseware gradebook will provide educators with automatic and seamless record keeping of individual student performance in assigned courses.


  • Summer 2017 Platform Enhancements

    This summer, we have taken the Study Island you know and love to the next level! We have made changes to both educator and student features—and they're all based on YOUR feedback. Want to learn more about these enhancements? Register for a What's New with Study Island live webinar. If none of the dates or times work with your schedule, register anyway and we'll send you the recording.

    New Student Dashboard

    The student dashboard has gotten a reboot! In an effort to give students more agency over their learning journey, we have elevated elements of student success paired beside next steps for ongoing practice. The redesigned dashboard includes active assignments, in-progress topics, suggested topics based on prior performance, and Blue Ribbons earned. Learn more.

    Updated Scoring Model to Highlight Best Score

    Rather than using a cumulative score to assess mastery of a topic, we are now using an even more meaningful measure—best score. Students will now be asked to complete a standardized 10-question practice session every time to demonstrate mastery and earn their Blue Ribbon. As students work through their session, they will have the option to save their work and return to that same 10-question session, beginning just where they left off without skipping a beat. When a session is completed, students will see their best score and number of attempts on that topic. Similarly, educators will also see their student's highest scores, but can continue to access cumulative scores via reports. Learn more.

    View Standards more easily in the Topic Tree

    In Study Island, content is built from the ground up to your state standards. To help you easily identify how each topic is aligned, we've surfaced standards even more. Next to each topic, the standard number can now be found. With one click, both students and educators can read the details of that specific standard to get a clearer picture of what will be covered in that practice session.

    Launch a Built Test in Group Sessions

    You are now able to launch Built Tests in a Group Session environment for more collaborative practice with your students. Want to review a recent assessment or practice test questions together as a class? Now, you can.

    Assign Group Sessions from Class Manager

    In addition to leveraging Group Sessions from the Topic Tree, Group Sessions are now listed as an assignment type you can choose from via Class Manager.

    Group Sessions Player Enhancements

    In-session upgrades to Group Sessions now include an expanded question window for easier viewing on your smart board, and reporting that allows you to review results during the session without exposing student names.

    Check out the Study Island What's New Guide for more details.

  • Additional Mobile-Optimized Content

    EducationCity is continuously updated with new and improved resources to support student learning. Recently, even more updated Learn Screens and Activities were added to Language Arts and Math. Continue to check the 'New Content' tab in the Teacher Area to check out all the fresh content as soon as it releases!

  • Georgia Standards Map

    For our Georgia customers, we've aligned all content across our core subjects to your state standards. Now, during lesson planning, you can quickly navigate to the Standards Map to see Lesson Ideas, Activities, Learn Screens, and more content aligned to the specific Georgia standard you're covering in class.

  • Student Information System

    EdOptions Academy upgraded to a new Student Information System this summer. This new system allows you to:

    • Roster students more quickly
    • Bulk enroll students into multiple classes at once
    • View course descriptions within the SIS
    • Easily track communication for your students
    • Closely track progress of all of your students’ course work

    With this upgrade, all of your students, school users and course progress have been moved over and you will still have access to the same great courses and teachers! For more information, including how-to-guides and videos, visit the customer success zone!

  • Reading Eggspress Comprehension Worksheets

    Reading Eggspress just released 220 new printable activity worksheets—one for every comprehension lesson in the digital program. Now, when educators choose to ‘Preview Lessons’ in Reading Eggspress from the main navigation of the teacher dashboard, they can download brand new corresponding student and teacher resources to extend learning.

    • Student worksheets focus on a key comprehension topic, testing students’ knowledge using text excerpts, suggested reading tips and strategies, multiple choice questions, and free response writing opportunities.
    • Teacher PDFs highlight the lesson’s comprehension strategy focus, outline learning objectives and associated Common Core standards, and provide educators a lesson plan for the digital component.

    These new printable worksheets are great extension activities in a station rotation model, provide meaningful remediation during teacher-led intervention, and are perfect for at-home practice.


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