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We continue investing in our solutions to provide you with innovative tools, solid program planning, and ongoing support, to redefine your classroom. Click here for more detailed release notes.

  • Exact Path Winter Enhancements

    Join us for a sneak peek at the new Exact Path enhancements! Register for our live webinar on Wednesday, December 6th at 3:30 PM central. Can't make this date and time? Register anyways, and we'll send you a recording of the presentation.

    Coming December 11: Assignable Content

    In addition to how students access content today via their unique learning paths, assignable content gives you, their teacher, even more flexibility and control over what students work on and when. Want to reinforce the standard you're teaching in class this week? You can. Interested in adding additional remediation or enrichment? It's easy.

    Using the Search Content feature, simply locate the tutorial, practice, quiz, or video elements you want students to work on using intuitive domain, skill, and standard filters, then choose 'Assign'. Select the students you want to build the assignment for, outline specified availability, and create your assignment.

    Coming December 11: Learning Path Building Blocks

    Exact Path's high quality learning paths are gaining even more instructional depth! For students that require additional scaffolding or remediation to be successful, we're adding learning path Building Blocks. Now, when a student does not demonstrate mastery on a Progress Check, they will automatically receive remedial content in their next set of learning modules that focuses on a prerequisite skill or set of skills. Once students successfully complete their prerequisite skill module and demonstrate mastery on their next Progress Check, they will bounce back up to the next skill in the progression for a second attempt at mastery.

    Coming December 11: Trophy & Challenge Notifications

    As students acquire new skills in Exact Path they have the opportunity to earn Mastery Trophies and strive for Challenge Badges. This December, we're adding even more visibility into how students are demonstrating success by adding automated notifications. Students will soon be alerted via the messages area when they have earned a new Trophy or their teacher has added a new Challenge.

    Coming December 11: Edit Learning Path Placements

    Learning path placements are now available any time! This release allows teachers to make adjustments to learning path placements as needed throughout the year.

  • Fall and Winter Enhancements!

    We launched four new data-views this summer, and this fall we are rolling out even more new features and enhancements based on educator feedback.

    Enhanced data views from the section details page - Educators using Grade Report

    Educators using Grade Report now have new metrics on the section details page in place of the blank grade values.

    Gradebook weighting enhancements - Educators using Gradebook

    Educators using Gradebook now have the ability to select the course categories to use in the no weighting and equal weighting grading options so that they are better able to customize the grading scale to meet local grade requirements.

    Learner Interface Enhancements

    To improve the visibility of mastery and completion data in the learner interface, we just rolled out:

    • Module Scores now visibile on module activity tiles, and a star is included next to the score to indicate whether the module was mastered.
    • The completion color bar at the top of the activity tile is yellow if the activity was not mastered and green if the activity was mastered.

    Coming 12.11.2017 - Gradebook - Educators using Grade Report

    The new Gradebook will become available to educators using Grade Report. The new Gradebook is a live grading tool located with the Courseware application and is automatically synced with the activities in teh course. No more having to run a Grade Report every time you want to see a student's grades. Be on the lookout for more information via email about getting your account ready for this tool.

    Coming 12.11.2017 - Gradebook Administrator Controls

    Gradebook administrator controls will allow administrators to implement standardized grading categories, weights, and scales across an account. In addition to being able to apply grading preferences to each course, account administrators will also be able to allow or not allow educators to modify the account-level grading preferences.

    Research Base and Instructional Design of Edmentum Digital Curriculum

    In this paper, learn about the instructional design of Edmentum Courseware and how it helps teachers and students achieve learning outcomes.

  • Fall 2017 Enhancements

    Study Island just keeps getting better and better, and we want to make sure that you know about all the new features. Check out the recording from our Study Island Fall Enhancments Sneak Peek webinar.

    Time-on-task goal setting and visibility enhancements

    Research has proven that spending at least 30 minutes per subject per week working in Study Island leads to student gains. Now, we’ve added several features to allow educators to keep track of the students’ time on task.

    Administrators can set time goals
    From the Admin page, administrators can set a goal for the average weekly time classes spend practicing in Study Island.

    Time-Spent Reports
    Educators will be able to pull a report to show students’ time spent practicing in the program.

    Admins will be able to pull a report to show time spent in the program by class and teacher and then by student.

    District admins will also be able to view data on time spent using Study Island within the district, and then drill down to the building, grade level, class, and student.

    Weekly Practice time visible in Edmentum Sensei
    So that educators can better track the amount of time students are spending practicing in Study Island, the student cards in Sensei will be updated to include time spent working on Study Island topics for the current week and the previous week.

    Additional Learner Interface Options

    Earlier this summer, we launched a brand new student homepage that brought key learning options and accomplishments to the forefront. Now, we're adding more visual options to suit your learners' preferences. Keep Taco Crab and the tropical island like you have today or soon choose from four other interface options that include an island theme, but offer a more mature look and feel and include the removal of the Taco cheerleader from practice sessions. Admins can choose an appropriate interface for each grade level or give students the ability to self-select their favorite design.

    New NWEA Reports

    To further bolster the power of our partnership with NWEA, we're rolling out two new reports to help you quickly see aggregated class data for placement and progress in Study Island.

    NWEA Class Placement Report—This report will offer insight into where students begin their learning in Study Island content based on uploaded RIT scores.
    NWEA Class Progress Report—This report will provide an at-a-glance view of how students are progressing through their Study island content pathway.

    Summer 2017 Enhancements

    New Student Dashboard

    The student dashboard has gotten a reboot! In an effort to give students more agency over their learning journey, we have elevated elements of student success paired beside next steps for ongoing practice. The redesigned dashboard includes active assignments, in-progress topics, suggested topics based on prior performance, and Blue Ribbons earned. Learn more.

    Updated Scoring Model to Highlight Best Score

    Rather than using a cumulative score to assess mastery of a topic, we are now using an even more meaningful measure—best score. Students will now be asked to complete a standardized 10-question practice session every time to demonstrate mastery and earn their Blue Ribbon. As students work through their session, they will have the option to save their work and return to that same 10-question session, beginning just where they left off without skipping a beat. When a session is completed, students will see their best score and number of attempts on that topic. Similarly, educators will also see their student's highest scores, but can continue to access cumulative scores via reports. Learn more.

    View Standards more easily in the Topic Tree

    In Study Island, content is built from the ground up to your state standards. To help you easily identify how each topic is aligned, we've surfaced standards even more. Next to each topic, the standard number can now be found. With one click, both students and educators can read the details of that specific standard to get a clearer picture of what will be covered in that practice session.

    Launch a Built Test in Group Sessions

    You are now able to launch Built Tests in a Group Session environment for more collaborative practice with your students. Want to review a recent assessment or practice test questions together as a class? Now, you can.

    Assign Group Sessions from Class Manager

    In addition to leveraging Group Sessions from the Topic Tree, Group Sessions are now listed as an assignment type you can choose from via Class Manager.

    Group Sessions Player Enhancements

    In-session upgrades to Group Sessions now include an expanded question window for easier viewing on your smart board, and reporting that allows you to review results during the session without exposing student names.

    Partnership with NWEA MAP for Science

    Study Island is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with NWEA MAP for Science, aligned to NGSS and availible for grades 3-8. For more information, check out our Study Island and NWEA™ MAP© Link Integration flyer

  • Georgia Standards Map

    For our Georgia customers, we've aligned all content across our core subjects to your state standards. Now, during lesson planning, you can quickly navigate to the Standards Map to see Lesson Ideas, Activities, Learn Screens, and more content aligned to the specific Georgia standard you're covering in class.

  • Student Information System

    EdOptions Academy upgraded to a new Student Information System this summer. This new system allows you to:

    • Roster students more quickly
    • Bulk enroll students into multiple classes at once
    • View course descriptions within the SIS
    • Easily track communication for your students
    • Closely track progress of all of your students’ course work

    With this upgrade, all of your students, school users and course progress have been moved over and you will still have access to the same great courses and teachers! For more information, including how-to-guides and videos, visit the customer success zone!

  • Reading Eggs Reporting Dashboard

    This October, Reading Eggs received a powerful data refresh! Replacing the current Student Stats area, educators will now find a newly improved, easy-to-use Reading Eggs dashboard. This colorful data hub uses graphs, charts, and interactive data views to ensure administrators can take action on school-wide or grade level trends and Lexile gains while supporting teachers with class- and student-specific performance and progress information. Take the exciting data dashboard for a spin to see your students' reading proficiency soar!


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