Psychometric Research

Exact Path Diagnostic and Ohio OST 2024 Linking and Correlational Studies

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Exact Path diagnostic assessments yield highly accurate predictions of student test results on Ohio’s State Test (OST). Strong correlations were also found between Exact Path diagnostic scores from grades 1 and 2 and OH OST grade 3 scores, and OH EOC scores in Algebra 1, Geometry, and English 2. These findings suggest that the assessments measure similar skills and knowledge, and that Exact Path is a strong predictor of OH OST performance across grades 1-12. In preparation for OH OST assessments, educators can use Exact Path diagnostic results to:

  • Identify K-12 students who need additional support
  • Prioritize content areas to focus on
  • Inform data-driven math, reading, and OH EOC instruction and targeted intervention
  • Help ensure that students are on track to meet academic standards