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Virtual Tutoring

Our intensive, K–12 virtual tutoring closes learning gaps and propels academic growth with program flexibility to target and support unique student needs.

  • Offer vetted, qualified tutoring without straining campus resources
  • Elevate academic and intervention programs with wraparound support
  • Help more students reach academic milestones and achieve test success

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Solutions without overextending staff

Research strongly supports the need for and impact of tutoring, but one in three school leaders say they don’t have the staffing or scheduling capacity to provide tutoring to all students who need it. Edmentum offers three live virtual-tutoring solutions, allowing schools to customize a program that meets the needs of their students and promotes academic recovery and acceleration.

Supercharged success with a tailored approach

Virtual tutoring is built to level up your program needs, including intervention, early literacy, test readiness, and credit recovery.

Accelerate success with qualified tutors

Tutors are not only qualified to teach their respective subjects and grade levels, but they’re also qualified to do so virtually.

Provide equitable and safe access

Give students the tools they need and also provide confidence and peace of mind to school leaders, families, and community members.

Leverage data-driven instruction

Your program will be anchored in data, including strategic enrollment, frequency, duration, and instruction—all to best support your goals.

Integrate strong instructional design

Make tutoring a seamless part of students’ academic experiences, integrating it with what they are learning in the classroom to allow for better outcomes.

Akron Public Schools is providing flexibility for over 18,000 students.

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Targeted small-group instruction 

Accelerate data-driven skills recovery and intervention instruction for small groups of students with similar abilities. Edmentum's qualified educators provide targeted sessions leveraging our award-winning learning technology, and closely collaborate with school teams to track progress. These prescheduled, recurring lessons can be customized to fit seamlessly into the instructional day.

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High-impact tutoring

Close K–12 learning gaps and propel individual growth with prescheduled sessions that support intensive skills recovery. Tutors work one-on-one or in groups no larger than three, allowing them to build strong trust and rapport with their students. Edmentum's partnership with Littera strengthens our ability to meet the needs of all students in a way that’s highly customizable, whether before, during, or after school hours.

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On-demand tutoring

While prescheduled tutoring is proven to be effective for instructional and intervention support, students may still get stuck—especially when they’re working on coursework or homework independently. Edmentum partners with FEV Tutor to provide on-demand tutoring for students in grades 6–12 that supercharges learning; accelerates success; and provides just-in-time, course-specific support.

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“What makes [this] different from the programs I’ve used is that you’re not talking to some kind of robot. You’re talking to an actual person."

5th Grade Student

Solutions to accomplish more

Leverage tutoring as a companion to our award-winning instructional products.

Exact Path 1

Exact Path

Diagnostic-driven learning paths and powerful teaching tools to scale interventions K–12 in math, reading, and language arts and empower educators to reach all students through personalized instruction.

Assessments, Supplemental & Intervention

Courseware 1


Digital curricula for grade 6 through adult learners help students reach graduation goals and beyond through flexible, personalized first-time credit, credit recovery, and expanded course access.

Courses & Curriculum



Pretest-driven concept recovery to help grade 6–12 students catch up and find success in the courses they’re taking and the tests they’re preparing for.

Assessments, Supplemental & Intervention