Dual Diploma

Equip students to thrive in an increasingly competitive and globalized world by offering an American diploma alongside your national diploma through Edmentum’s fully accredited online academy.

  • Access 1:1 instruction with U.S. teachers and English language immersion
  • Complement students’ home studies with an innovative educational experience
  • Access over 500 semesters of courses, including a multitude of CTE options

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A comprehensive education

Our dual diploma program isn’t just about coursework—it's about a human-centered approach to learning and growth. We’ll design an academic course path for all students relative to their strengths, interests, and university aspirations. Our courses enhance cultural understanding and support multilingual learners. Personalized tutoring can also be added to help students through their virtual educational experience.

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End-to-end services

With Edmentum, there’s no need to transform your school infrastructure or invest in recruiting and training. Leverage our guidance counselors and curriculum-mapping services to host an international program equipped with a complete support system. Our dual diploma experience fosters personal growth, resilience, and independence, preparing students for academic and professional opportunities now and in the future.

A global competitive edge

The flexibility, convenience, and recognition of our dual diploma empower students to excel in an interconnected world.

Diversify cross-cultural perspectives

Vital critical-thinking and problem-solving skills set students apart from their peers.

Foster growth and resilience

Students will develop self-discipline, time-management, and independent-learning skills.

Expand college and university opportunities

U.S. diplomas are viewed worldwide as a strong indicator of academic preparedness.

Learn anytime, anywhere

24/7 virtual access lets students balance various commitments without a commute.

Increase employability

Competitive candidates have a global mindset, strong language skills, and ambition.

Establish international networks

Connect, engage, and exchange ideas with peers from around the world.

Commit just one hour a day

With flexible access, students participate when it fits their schedule best.

Finish in just three years

Leave year 12 open to concentrate on and complete national studies.

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