Edmentum™ Assessments

Edmentum Assessments

Edmentum Assessments offer a full range of assessment solutions, including diagnostic and formative assessments designed to help educators understand each student’s unique needs to more effectively guide instruction. Our assessment solutions accurately evaluate learners and prepare them through a personalized learning path. This allows students to bypass objectives they have already mastered, gain confidence, and focus on topics that challenge them for a more relevant and satisfying learning experience.

Edmentum Assessments offer comprehensive solutions that provide you with valuable assessment tools that integrate with your curriculum, monitor student progress, and engage students through a personalized and effective learning environment.

Adaptive Intervention Solution

Edmentum’s adaptive intervention solution provides you with the tools you need to easily create a targeted intervention program using individualized, data-driven instruction to address the needs of all of your students.

Don’t just test—assess
Select from a variety of formative assessment tools to create an assessment or series of assessments to identify your students’ strengths and needs against state standards reporting categories.

Personalize instruction
Instantly generate curricula based on assessment results by providing targeted instruction to a whole class, in a small group setting, or one-on-one.

Access on-screen data
Effortlessly track individual progress with actionable data at your fingertips. Easily make data-based instructional decisions without pulling and examining a report.

Adaptive, diagnostic assessment solution that quickly and efficiently places your students at grade level in reading, writing, and math.

• Accurately assess students grades 5 through adult.

• Automatically prescribe rigorous content to personalize learning.

• Evaluate student knowledge and skills before beginning instruction.

• Identify target areas needing special emphasis for an individual or small group.


 Individualize areas of need and target instruction through rigorous assessments with Edmentum™ Test Packs.

• Assess your students grades 2 through adult against state, national, and Common Core standards and end-of-course exams with fixed benchmark tests.

• Easily administer multiple comparable milestones to automate fluid individualized prescriptions for every student.

• Promote higher-order thinking and inquiry with technology-enhanced item types that provide broader coverage of depth of knowledge (DOK) levels.

• Customize your assessments at the reporting category level to direct smaller areas of focus.

Additional Assessment Offerings

Exam Intervention

Edmentum Exam Interventions identify skill gaps and prescribe instruction accordingly, maximizing student performance on high-stakes exams. This online exam preparation program features electronic learning paths, content-based assessments, and staff professional development. Designed to provide choice and versatility in implementation, Edmentum Exam Intervention can be used in labs, hybrid classrooms, and distance learning programs—helping you reach as many students as possible.

In addition to exam intervention for 28 state graduation exams, learning paths are available for the following national tests: ACT®, SAT® and GED®.


What’s New?

Edmentum Sensei For Families

Edmentum Sensei for Families provides parents and caregivers insight into their student's progress and ongoing assignments.

Edmentum Sensei Program View

Analyzing your data just got easier with a new program view in Edmentum Sensei. This new view allows administrators, principals and program directors to view district progress, monitor account usage and make data-driven decisions.

Math & ELA Courses

This winter, we continue to update to our math and ELA courses, including mobile optimized content, rigorous curriculum, and technology-enhanced item types. Updated courses are: English 9 A/B, English 10 A/B, and Pre-Calculus.

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