ESSA Tier 2 Research

The Impact of Eight: How Eight or More Skills in Exact Path Led to Gains on State Achievement Tests

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WEBD 35 002 The Impact of Eight

A rigorous study examined the impact of Exact Path usage in grades 4-8 on state assessment scores in math during the 2021-2022 school year in a large school district in the Western United States.

Students who used Exact Path learning paths showed a sizeable, statistically significant increase in performance on the Arizona Academic Standards Assessment (AASA) in all grades studied. Results indicate that the average student can be expected to accelerate learning for a gain of 6 to 19 percentile points on their state assessment from one spring to the next when Exact Path is implemented with fidelity.

The quasi-experimental efficacy study meets ESSA Tier 2 evidence and the What Works Clearinghouse 5.0 Group Design standards with reservations.