Foundational Research

Learning Design and Research Base for Edmentum Exact Path

WEBD 35 007 Exact Path Learning Design and Research Base

Edmentum Exact Path is aligned with valid research. This paper documents the research findings that support the program and presents examples of that research in action by showcasing actual screens students engage with. Whether a second grader is working on new reading skills or a fifth-grader is revisiting key Building Blocks in mathematics, Exact Path offers the individualized instruction, practice, and assessment that each learner needs.

Equally important to the research base of Exact Path is its pedagogy. Exact Path is designed first and foremost to support educators and fit naturally into their daily routines. Exact Path learning-design principles and instructional pillars make that commitment clear, and the data and reports that are at teachers’ and administrators’ fingertips show an understanding of what is most helpful in managing today’s wide variety of learning environments.