Calvert Learning Back-to-School Planning Guide

Oct 20, 2023
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A new school year means a fresh start. Whether you are new to Calvert Learning or building on what you began in a previous school year, our goal is to set you, your teachers, and your students up for success. We have assembled our top back-to-school resources to help you prepare for the new school year, learn about the newest enhancements, engage parents and guardians, and explore all the features Calvert Learning has to offer for your educational needs.

Prepare for the New School Year

Before teachers and students can begin to utilize Calvert Learning in the new school year, there are a few steps you need to take.

  • Update users: Most likely, you will need to make edits and additions to the students, teachers, and administrators in your account. You can make changes one at a time or in bulk by making edits to your Genius master upload template.
  • Update sections: Once all user accounts are updated, the next step is to ensure that teachers and students are assigned/enrolled in the correct sections.

Detailed instructions on how to update users and sections can be found in the Calvert Learning Genius user guide. You also have access to a collection of self-guided resources on the Calvert Learning getting-started page, and Edmentum’s team of consultants and our support representatives can help you with this process. You can also access us through our live office hours, call us at 800.447.5286, or email

Check Out the Newest Enhancements

We have been busy making enhancements to the Calvert Learning curriculum to ensure that it reflects the latest educational research and pedagogy. Learn more about these 2022–23 improvements, including an easier-to-use adjust-pacing tool, enhanced grading period reports with customizable breakpoints, and single sign-on for districts using Google or Microsoft in the What’s New! Calvert Learning Back-to-School 2022–23 Enhancements post and the What’s New page.

Engage Parents and Caregivers Guardians

Engaging families is key to keeping your students on track. Set up logins for parents and guardians to help them see and follow their child’s performance and progress. Share the parents and caregivers getting started page to help them learn how to use Calvert Learning and how they can best support their child. Want more ideas on how to set up families for success with Calvert Learning? Watch this tutorial.

Brush Up on How to Use Calvert Learning

Calvert Learning is a robust K–5 digital curriculum program with a variety of features to support teaching and learning. Make sure that you are familiar with navigating the Calvert Teaching Navigator (CTN) platform, building different types of assignments, planning lessons with Calvert Learning curriculum, and tracking student progress with flexible reporting options.

Want to learn more about Calvert Learning and see what it has to offer? Check out the Calvert Learning page.

This post has been updated as of July 2022.

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