10 CTE Courses Your School Should Offer

Oct 26, 2023
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It's no secret that career and technical education (CTE) courses in schools can help students prepare for a variety of skill-based jobs and allow them to explore potential career paths. But not all schools have the same resources; providing the CTE courses your students want isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Edmentum is here to help. Our career and technical education courses bring work-based learning essentials into your classroom, no matter who or where you are.

Why it’s Worth it to Invest in CTE Courses

CTE-focused careers are more in demand than ever, and many schools are working on developing programs to help increase access for students to prepare for career success. As online education tools become more commonplace, the pressure to think outside the box and give students the tools they seek grows.

Investing in CTE courses now can help you inspire future generations of students to pursue the careers they want – regardless of what that looks like.

10 Edmentum CTE Courses to Boost Student Success

CTE courses are an easy and cost-effective way to expose your students to the many opportunities available within a variety of fields and industries. Here are 10 Edmentum CTE courses your school could offer students to help them forge a path from career exploration through employability:

1. Sports and Entertaining Marketing 1a: Introduction

The bright lights. The roaring crowds. The chants and cheers and applause. If you are drawn to the electricity of large events and the challenge of making events successful, a career in sports and entertainment marketing may be for you!

In this course, you will trace the development of these industries, dissect their dual nature, and discover what it takes to pitch, promote, and deliver these services. You‘ll also explore the necessary steps to chart your own career path from among the professional roles that these industries need to operate. Let’s get off the sidelines and hop into the primetime of the sporting and entertainment worlds!

2. Hospitality & Tourism 1: Traveling the Globe

Think about the best travel location you’ve ever heard about. Now imagine working there. In the 21st century, travel is more exciting than ever, with people traversing the globe in growing numbers. Hospitality and Tourism: Traveling the Globe will introduce you to a thriving industry that caters to the needs of travelers through managing hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, resorts, theme parks, and any other kind of hospitality you can imagine.

Operating busy tourist locations, creating marketing around the world of leisure and travel, spotting trends, and planning tasteful events are just a few of the key aspects you will explore in this course as you locate your own career niche in this exciting field.

3. Health Science: Nursing

The demand for nurses has never been higher! Learn what it takes to become a nurse, pursue a career, and understand the practice of nursing and the healthcare system.

With a strong focus on patient care, you’ll explore safety, communication and ethics, relationship building, and how to develop wellness strategies for your patients. From emergency to rehabilitative care to advances and challenges in the healthcare industry, discover how to launch a fulfilling career providing care to others.

4. Animation 1a: Introduction

Have you ever watched a cartoon or played a video game where the animation of characters captivated you so much you wanted to create your own? If so, it’s time to immerse yourself in the world of animation.

Meet the industry players such as directors, animators, and 3D modelers. Develop your story by exploring design, the 12 principles of animation, creating a storyboard and leveraging the tools of the trade. Let’s bring your story to life with animation!

5. Agriscience 1: Introduction

The word “agriculture” often evokes images of farms, fields, and livestock, and while all of these representations are correct and essential, the field of Agriculture is so much more!

In Agriscience I: Introduction, you’ll explore how agriscientists play key roles in improving agriculture, food production, and the conservation of natural resources, along with the technologies used to keep the field thriving. Are you ready to explore the diverse careers in agriscience and how you can prepare to positively impact the planet? Let’s get growing!

6. Digital Photography 1a: Introduction

Have you wondered how professional photographers manage to capture that perfect image? Gain a better understanding of photography by exploring camera functions and the elements of composition while putting theory into practice with your own spectacular shots! Learn how to display your work for exhibitions and develop skills important for a career as a photographer.

7. Culinary Arts 1a: Introduction

Thinking of a career in the food service industry or looking to develop your culinary skills? This introductory course will provide you with basic cooking and knife skills while preparing you for entry into the culinary world.

Discover the history of food culture, food service, and global cuisines while learning about food science principles and preservation. Finally, prepare for your future by building the professional, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills that are crucial to a career in the culinary arts.

8. Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming

In Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming, you will explore technology's role in our lives, study the fundamentals of computer science, review hardware and software, and learn how the internet functions.

You will also discover how to create and build your own website using HTML and CSS and learn basic and complex commands and sequences as you become familiar with programming languages like JavaScript and Python Programming. This course also covers data collection methods, access rights, protocols, and security.

9. Public Speaking 1a: Introduction

Do you strive to gain more confidence when speaking in front of people? Learn techniques from famous speakers throughout history while learning what it takes to make a great speech. Develop skills that will serve you well throughout your career and personal life.

10. Entrepreneurship 1a: Introduction

Starting a business is more than just having a good idea. Successful entrepreneurs know how to use and apply fundamental business concepts to turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

Explore topics such as identifying the best business structure, business functions and operations, finance, business laws, regulations, and more! If you have ever dreamed of making a business idea a reality, take the time to establish a solid foundation of business skills to make your business dreams come true!

Expand CTE Course Offerings with Edmentum

Looking to expand CTE course offerings at your school? Check out Edmentum’s full CTE course catalog to browse all of your options (including fully virtual courses taught by our highly qualified online teachers available through EdOptions Academy and introductory courses appropriate for middle school students!).

This post was originally published in February 2019 and has been updated.

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