Happy Teacher Appreciation

May 09, 2024
Thisisengineering T Xxi Fu QLBKQ unsplash

May is a special month because we have the opportunity to recognize and celebrate teachers all over the world. While Teacher Appreciation Week might be just a single week, honoring teachers is something we strive to do every day at Edmentum because it’s the true center of our #EducatorFirst culture. We hope you’ll find ways to celebrate the deserving teachers in your life this week, month, and always.

There is nothing more powerful than an education and teachers play a crucial role in this pursuit. Each day, teachers find ways to inspire, engage, encourage, guide and support their students. It is truly a gift to have a teacher who believes in their students' limitless potential and then works tirelessly to deliver a special approach to learning.

We've had the great privilege of observing the efforts and impact of amazing educators firsthand - as skills are mastered, new learning is unlocked, and those all-powerful "aha" moments are felt in real time. Teachers, you are changing students’ lives - and we applaud you!

To all the fantastic educators at Edmentum in our virtual school, to our incredible customers who we partner with to accelerate learning, and to all of the phenomenal educators all over the world, thank you for everything that you do for your students.

If you’re looking for helpful resources to keep the celebration going:

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