The Purpose That Fuels Our Passion for Education

Nov 18, 2023
Purpose fueled passion Edmentum Article

As a term that has come to popularity in recent years, the question of “what’s your why?” is likely something you’ve heard before. Your “why” is a statement of purpose that describes why you do the work you do and fuels your intrinsic motivation, both professionally and personally. While this can feel abstract, finding your "why" matters. It leads to a greater sense of purpose that drives the work you do each day.

At Edmentum, we all have unique stories about the purpose that fuels our work in education. At the heart of the company, we’re committed to helping educators succeed and students thrive, everywhere learning occurs. But what drives each of our individual employees?

What’s Your Why?

We asked our Edmentors to share their story behind their passion for education and why they do the work that they do. Ultimately, a few recurring themes emerged: recognizing educators who’ve made a difference in their lives and creating equitable access for all students, no matter their circumstances.

Barry Arnold, Field Partnership Manager

“Because every student has something special within them and a path to greatness…it just has to be discovered by them. We have the tools to help them along that journey.”

Brook Mostoufi, Inside Development Manager

"In high school we did not have much access to virtual programs or curriculum so when I went to college, I struggled because almost everything was virtual, and I was at a deficit. I never want any student to go through that same struggle."

Lindsey Hagerty, Customer Success Manager

"Young scholars across the world need advocates who are in their corner. Doing the hard work we do every day ensures every one of them succeeds now and in the future."

Patty Blanchard, Edmentum Academic Coach

“I work in education because the one consistent driving force in my childhood was the schools and teachers in my daily life. I had a calling to give back to the educational system what was given to me and what got me to where I am today.”

Lance Peytavin, Partnership Manager

"To give students every opportunity to be successful in their education and elevate their path to success later in life."

This short video shares even more of our Edmentors “whys”:

Finding your “why” is the key to finding purpose within your work and a reference point for all your decisions and actions. At Edmentum, #EducatorFirst is not just a slogan…it’s who we are and is woven into the fabric of our “why’.

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