Biotechnology A/B

Biotechnology focuses on the fundamentals of biotechnology. In semester A, students become familiar with the basics of cell biology and molecular biology. They describe the structures and functions of DNA, RNA, and proteins, and they are introduced to the concepts of polymerase chain reactions, recombinant DNA technology, and protein engineering. Finally, students learn the significance of safety protocols in the laboratory and apply advanced laboratory techniques to perform an experiment. 

Topics covered in semester B include genetics, regulations that apply to biotechnology, and biotech careers. Students learn about the contributions of various scientists, the importance of the discovery of DNA, and genetic engineering. They explore biotechnology in industry, agriculture, and medicine and discuss the latest trends in the field and its impact on society. 

The lesson activities, unit activities, course assignment, and course project help students develop and apply critical thinking skills. The videos keep students engaged. Simulations help students practice various laboratory techniques. And the practice test at the end of the course helps students reinforce their understanding of key concepts.