English II

English II builds upon students' foundation of critical reading and analytical writing skills. Through texts that range from investigative journalism, essays, articles, and historical documents to short stories, drama, and poetry, students analyze the use of elements in literature and nonfiction. As they develop their writing skills and respond to ideas, students learn to refine arguments and organize evidence to support their position. To hone their listening and speaking skills, students engage with a variety of media types through which they analyze and synthesize information, discuss material, create presentations, and share their work.

English II supports all students in developing the depth of understanding and higher order skills required by the TEKS. Students break down increasingly complex readings with close reading tools, guided instruction, and robust scaffolding as they apply each of the lesson's concepts back to its anchor text. Students build their writing and speaking skills in journal responses, discussions, frequent free response exercises, and written assignments and presentations, learning to communicate clearly and credibly in literary, argumentative, and informational styles.

This course is built to fulfill the 2017 English Language Arts and Reading, English II TEKS.