Geometry Virginia

Tutorials are designed specifically for the Virginia Standards of Learning to prepare students for the Standards of Learning tests.

Math Tutorials offer targeted instruction, practice and review designed to develop computational fluency, deepen conceptual understanding, and apply mathematical practices. They automatically identify and address learning gaps down to elementary-level content, using adaptive remediation to bring students to grade-level no matter where they start. Students engage with the content in an interactive, feedback-rich environment as they progress through standards-aligned modules. By constantly honing the ability to apply their knowledge in abstract and real world scenarios, students build the depth of knowledge and higher order skills required to demonstrate their mastery when put to the test.

In each module, the Learn It and Try It make complex ideas accessible to students through focused content, modeled logic and process, multi-modal representations, and personalized feedback as students reason through increasingly challenging problems. The Review It offers a high impact summary of key concepts and relates those concepts to students’ lives. The Test It assesses students’ mastery of the module’s concepts, providing granular performance data to students and teachers after each attempt. To help students focus on the content most relevant to them, unit-level pretests and posttests can quickly identify where students are strong and where they’re still learning.