Introduction to Business and Technology A/B

Introduction to Business and Technology provides the foundational knowledge and skills students need for careers in business and technology. Throughout the course, students gain a knowledge of business principles and communication skills, an understanding of the impact of financial and marketing decisions, and proficiency in the technologies required by business. Students will also learn the essentials of working in a business environment, managing a business, and owning a business.

This course allows students to explore careers in business and information technology while learning skills applicable to any professional setting. Through a variety of hands-on activities, students will engage with word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software and explore operating systems, networking, and the Internet. Regular engagement in active learning ensures students can continually refine the skills necessary to prepare them for work. In addition, students will evaluate the qualifications required for specific careers so they can identify opportunities of interest to them.

Introduction to Business and Technology is a full-year introductory Career and Technical Education course applicable to programs of study in the Business, Management and Administration and Information Technology career clusters, as well as other career clusters. This course is built to state and national standards. Students who successfully complete the course will be prepared to pursue certifications such as Microsoft® Office Specialist certifications in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, as well as IC3 certification.

This course was originally created for Apex Courses.