North Carolina Science 7 A/B

North Carolina Science 7 is a two semester course that covers fundamental principles of cell theory, genetics, forces, forms of energy, energy transformations, and weather and climate.  Students will learn about the structure and functions of cells— the building blocks of life, genetic inheritance, and mutations.  Students will learn about the relationship between force and motion.  This course provides an understanding on the differences observed in different types of single-celled organisms. Students will learn about the effect of animal behavior and special plant structures on the organism's chances of reproduction. Students will learn about the different types of energy and explain how it is transferred to and from objects.  Students will learn about the mechanics of weather and water cycle.  Students will learn about the tools used to collect weather data and use them to draw conclusions about current weather conditions. Students will also explore steps to protect the environment. Online discussions, course activities, and unit activities require students to develop and apply critical thinking skills.